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Being pregnant again

Posted Dec 04 2012 9:01am
Our weekend was, as usual, amazing. Anytime the husband is home, not working 13 hour days, and we're not cooped up in our home is simply amazing. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. But we still ended up having a jam-packed weekend. We went ice skating, had a delicious brunch, I did yoga, we started the insanely fun task of Christmas shopping, we put up our beautiful tree, and we basked in the joy of uninterrupted family time. It was perfect.

I shared a few pics from the weekend on Instagram so I didn't feel it was necessary to do another post here. Instead, I'm going to talk about being pregnant for the second time. It's like night and day compared to the first and I feel like I have so much to talk about. Part of why I love having a blog is because I'm able to write all of my thoughts down into one (somewhat) cohesive post for me to look back and reflect on. If I were trying to have this discussion with my friends, we would probably go from talking about morning sickness to purple glitter ice cream.

I swear my brain is getting smaller with each baby.

Hokay, so here we go.

How far along I am: I was told that my due date is June 23, which makes me a little over 10 weeks. HOWEVER, I think I'm actually due later than that. I don't keep track of my periods but I'm pretty sure my monthly suckage occur ed a lot later in September. I have an ultrasound next week to determine the actual date though so we shall see!

How and when we found out:
Remember our last night in Seattle before leaving Korea ? Okay well let me back up for a sec. I've been feeling a little off lately and kept joking to my husband that I was probably already knocked up with a post deployment baby. But we had our trip to Korea coming up and we didn't want to know until after we got back. I didn't want to stress anyone out. So when we were invited to dinner at my hot bestie, Jo's house, we were greeted by her husband at the door when I suddenly felt the urge to vomit all over him. I was dry heaving and trying to keep everything down, trying to avoid puking my insides all over him as he gave me the strangest look and asked if I was okay.

Immediately, I knew. I told him that I'm pregnant. Jo, in the kitchen shouted "wha!?". And then she told me to take a test...because she's an extreme couponer and happens to have a nice stockpile of tests, simply because she loves a good sale, haha. So I took the first test and within seconds, two lines popped up. I started screaming. Then crying. I could hear Jo's husband downstairs tell my husband "yo, I think your wife is pregnant." And then my husband responding with "yup, I think she is". So I walked downstairs, and yelled "I'm effing pregnant" while the hubs gave me the same exact reaction of when I got pregnant the first time. He happily shouted "Yayyy!" and embraced me with a tight hug.

Jo suggested I take a digital test just to confirm, but I told her that I just knew. I am definitely pregnant. Don't need another test to confirm. I am without a doubt in my mind, with child.  She still sent her husband out to pick up a digital test anyway. Hah, you don't argue with a feisty latina. So when he came back from the store with the digital test, Jo and I both ran upstairs to take the second test. And just like the first, a clear "pregnant" came up within seconds. Yup.

My thought process the entire time this was happening, all at the same time:

"This can't be happening, this happened too quickly"
"Oh my God, I need to get a bunch of slouchy sweaters for the winter"
"Caleb is going to have a little brother" (Yes, I kept thinking brother)
"Everyone's going to know what we've been up to since the hunk has returned from Afghanistan"
"Can we afford this?"
"Why do I feel so queasy? I didn't feel this way with Caleb"
"I am going to eat everything in sight in Korea"

My symptoms:
Eating everything in sight in Korea ended up not happening. As it turns out, I ended up with a pretty nasty case of morning (all day) sickness. I can't count how many times I ran to the toilet while traveling to Korea, and while I was in Korea trying to enjoy our time there. On top of that, I had frequent migraines, crazy exhaustion, pimples popping up, insanely sore boobs, and ridiculous cravings for bread and cheese. And let me tell you, lots of bread and cheese were consumed while there. Fortunately, walking 5-6 miles a day counteracted all of the carbwhoring. I actually left Korea 5lbs lighter then I was when I got there.

With Caleb, the only thing I had was exhaustion at 3pm every afternoon until I hit 8 weeks. I probably would not have known I was pregnant until I started showing at 6 months. I felt great the entire pregnancy, unlike this one where I'm just now starting to feel like a human again.

My weight and exercise:
As I mentioned earlier, I lost weight in Korea from all of the walking we did. And I'm sure my adventures with the porcelain queen helped a little too. Though I definitely don't advocate that as a weight loss method, haha.

Trust me, not fun.

When we got back from Korea, I ate whatever I could stomach, which ended up being a lot of bagels, lasagna, and french fries. I've made it a point not to weigh myself, mostly because I don't want to be a slave to a number during my pregnancy, and partially because I'm pretty sure I'll have a minor myocardial infarction from the number. So I've decided not to step on the scale this pregnancy and so far, I haven't.

My clothes still fit, albeit starting to get a little tight around the belly, but that's okay with me. I'm still working out, just not as intensely as I'm used to. It took me a while to start running after returning from Korea, because my boobs were too sore to handle even the slightest bounce but now everything is fine. I'm back to running and back to strength training. I also plan to return to CrossFit next week.

What I think we're having: With Caleb, I immediately knew I was having a boy. I had that unmistakable feeling that I was going to have a son. With this pregnancy, I haven't been hit with "that feeling" and I honestly have no idea what I'll be having yet. Everyone tells me I'm probably having a girl because of how sick I was, but my mom was sick with both of her boys so I could possibly be having another boy and just handling this pregnancy differently. And let's face it, boys run in both of our families.

Do I want a boy? Sure, they're awesome! And I can't describe the bond I have with Caleb, it's an amazing feeling that I would love to have again. Plus, I think it would be fun to be outnumbered by boys and to see all of them roughhouse together.

Do I want a girl? Sure, it would be fun to have one of each. Plus, it would be fun to decorate a girly nursery and to see my husband handle girl problems. Am I terrified of having a girl? Oh you betcha. I can barely dress myself, how am I supposed to dress a little girl? And just thinking about the teenage years makes me shudder profusely.


Were we trying?
Hah, like I really was going to answer that. I will say that we weren't actively preventing though. We were in the mindset of "oh it would be nice to have our kids so close together, if it happens, it happens", but we really didn't expect it to happen that quickly.

So...I guess I kind of did answer that. Oops.

How I'm feeling about everything now:
I am so happy. Now that I don't feel like death, things are starting to look up. I'm excited to have another little Caleb and to see our son have a sibling to play with. Just yesterday we were at the mall watching two boys play together and it took everything I had in me not to cry tears of happiness just thinking what it will be like to see Caleb with a sibling. Damn hormones, hah.

Plus, babies are the coolest little shits in the world. They're so precious, smell so delicious, they're so innocent, they're incredibly fun, and when they look at you with those big loving eyes, they make you melt. I can't get enough babies, and if we could afford it, I would love to have a house full of adorable babies. But we can't so I'm sticking with one on each arm for now.

Being pregnant is such a blessing and I seriously can't wait for our family to be complete this coming summer, so much joy!

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