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Being Mindful- Motivation Monday Addition

Posted Nov 12 2012 2:50pm
I’ve been a little on the stressed side lately and honestly, I haven’t really been giving my body the attention it needs.

Somedays, it’s too easy to get caught up in the everyday duties of life and before you know it, life has passed you by.

Ummm it’s November already?

It’s a constant struggle for me to remember to be present in the NOW. Work catches up, appointments need to be made, things just add up and before you know it – it’s almost the Holiday season! whaaaat?

There are times I notice that my body just gets burnt out – mentally and physically. I think it’s almost my body’s way of telling me..”hey! you need to take sometime for yourself and appreciate where you are…right here, right now.”

It’s alright – it happens to the best of us!

 So, here are some Beautiful Life tips for those of you who can get caught up in life’s everyday grind.

-Take a walk outside

- Do some yoga

- Take a bubble bath

-Read a book

- Meditate

-Be out in nature. Check out my latest nature getaway

- Call a friend

- Put on your favorite song & DANCE

Days, weeks, months like this happen, I know – but with taking some time every now and then, both you and I can begin to appreciate the day, week or month for what it’s worth and what it will bring to you in the future.


Have a wonderful day all!

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