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Being grateful. Maybe we can all do this.

Posted Dec 05 2012 11:50pm

I was teaching a client yesterday and we were talking about how we had made a pact with one another to add meditation in our lives.  Starting simple with one minute a day, working to two minutes, then three, and so on.  I am sad to say neither of us have had much success incorporating it into our daily lives.  Maybe it's my New Year's resolution.  
She mentioned that her kids go through phases where getting them to get up for school can be tough and they can be quite grumpy on the way there and throughout the morning routine.  In the car to try to get them thinking positively to start the day she would ask them each to say three things they are grateful for and immediately they had to think of the positives in their lives and their overall mood changed.  How simple and effective.  
So if you wake up feeling a little grumpy tomorrow or you are feeling stressed through the holiday season, try meditating or if you can't meditate, think of what you are grateful for!
Three things I am grateful for right now are my wonderful husband, my health (the fact that I don't have the flu like so many do), and  the ability to help people's bodies feel better on a daily basis through Pilates. 

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