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Behind the scenes of a belly shot...

Posted Jul 13 2011 8:33pm

Definitely frustrating and our living room is a complete disaster. Therefore, I won't be sharing pics until I've completely refinished everything. Such a bummer!

Clearly I will never be giving painting advice because I'm horrible at painting BUT I will definitely be advising you to make these Lemon Greek Yogurt Blackberry Pancakes ASAP. As in, tomorrow morning. They're phenomenal. And can make any bad painting experience better. Please, please, please try these!

1/2 cup buckwheat pancake mix (I used hodgson mills)
1 tbsp Truvia
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 TBS cinnamon
1/2 cup greek yogurt
1/2 tsp real vanilla extract

Mix the pancake mix, truvia, flax, baking soda, and cinnamon together. Then add in your wet ingredients and mix everything together. Make sure you get the right consistency, it should feel like regular pancake batter, if it's too dry just moisten with a little milk or water.

Cook on oiled griddle until the batter bubbles and then flip. I cooked these in coconut oil and the edges ended up crispy while the middle stayed soft. The greek yogurt packs a protein punch, you get your fibers from your berries, and the buckwheat is a great source of energy to start your day.

Heaven on a plate, fa sho!

Dinner was leftovers from this meal I made a few days ago

I got the recipe from this blog but ended up covering the whole dish in cheese and using a little more spice than the recipe calls for. It's a delicious dish and I LOVE Cara's blog since she favors ethnic food just as I do and she also likes to lift heavy things ;)

I just foam rolled. Heh. I had a crazy lower body workout yesterday, swam the day before, and also went to yoga so I am beyond tired and sore. So today was definitely a much needed rest day.

I am thinking about sharing my leg workout on a video though! I have a few crazy leg moves that totally kick your butt (my friend Jen can attest to that since I put her through the workout) and I think it's about time for me to upload a workout video onto this thing. I'll try to remember the next time I'm at the gym with my camera phone with someone and it's not crazy busy in there.

Behind the belly posts
Though I'm pretty sure my hunk is as close to perfect as you can get, the one thing he DOES NOT enjoy doing is being in front or behind a camera. I've definitely annoyed the crap out of him asking him to take a million belly shots until I get the right one. So I thought I'd share what really happens behind the belly pictures because we apparently deal with this every.single.time I want to take a new picture.

"No he won't babe. Boys don't care about this kind of thing."
"FINE. I'll take one more and that's it."  "CRAP! I was licking my lips! You didn't give me enough time, ass! Do it again!"
"ONE MORE and then I'm done. For real this time."
"Okay I promise. Now let me know when you're ready so I can smile."

*husband takes shot of me without telling me to be ready*
Fortunately for him, I was actually ready that last time with a frozen smile plastered on my face. And thus we finally got a decent picture and he happily returned to checking his ESPN updates. The end.

 And that is how it goes nearly every week, haha. He still does it for me though!
And can you believe I'm a week away from being SIX months pregnant? Crazy, right? Time flies!

Unfortunately I still don't have a cute round bump, I'm just getting big all over which is annoying. I've gained 10 pounds and I'd really like to look pregnant not like a champion beer guzzler. It's been nice not having to spend money on maternity clothing but I can't help but wonder where the heck my darling baby is.

Hopefully I'll legitimately pop soon! I'm off to read and get some sleep! Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow with a big bump?
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