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Behind every runner...

Posted Oct 09 2013 7:09pm
I have always considered myself pretty lucky to have family and friends who actually seem to care about my running. Or rather, I should say friends that support me in my running and genuinely care enough to ask how my training is going or how I did in my last event. You can't reasonably expect that your family and friends are going to love the same things you do but it sure means an awful lot when they support you, encourage you and even give their time to show up and cheer you on.

I've been thinking about this a lot because lately I've had some pretty cool reminders of just how many people we have behind us every time we run.

My awesome parents cheering for us at Run for Water in May
This picture is from Run for Water and that event was a pretty big deal. It meant so much to have so many friends there along with my family at the finish line. It's hard not to feel special when you finish to that kind of spectacle.

But what about those times when you never expected someone to show up and cheer you on? Like when your run clinic is completing their final 35km training run and you find several running friends popping up along the route to say hi and give a cheer. And when several more make a point of driving by just to give us a wave? That's pretty cool.

Or how about that race where you didn't think anyone was coming and yet they all showed up in the pouring rain and chilly winds to hoot and holler? This was the case at Surrey Marathon two weekends ago, I was so surprised and feeling so loved that so many friends and run clubbers took the time to stand in the rain and cold just to see us run by.

Like Sarah, my friend from Goofy Challenge who came with her whole family. And my sister's lovely neighbours who stood and waited for both Brandi and I to go by. And Lisa who made this fantastic sign and gave us each the pep talks we needed as we ran by.

And Solana who despite her hurt foot, stood around in the rain to take pictures because she knows how much it means to each of us to have those memories.

And my lovely friend Jen who I have gotten to know as a my fellow marathon clinic instructor and who not only led the clinic's run that morning but then came into Surrey to give out much-needed hugs and finish line potato chips! (My friends know me so well!)

It was a difficult race for me and seeing so many familiar faces along the way and at the finish made such a huge difference. Our Run Club at the Langley Running Room is made up of a wonderful group of people and having so many come out to cheer us on that day showed just how much heart they all have too. I've always known we had a pretty cool group of people but it just really stood out at Surrey when so many gave their time to be there for us.

And then as if that wasn't enough, I was humbled again this past weekend by the support we had surrounding us at Baker Lake. 10 of us were down there to run and along with several spouses Lisa also made the trip to cheer us on. Sadly, Lisa was supposed to run Baker but is battling an injury and instead of just staying home she still came along to help make sure we had everything we needed and to be that friendly face out on the course. It was amazing.

As runners, we put in countless hours training for our events but in the end, I think that's only part of the equation. Our success is just as much due to all the hours our loved ones put in being there for us. So while all that training makes us strong, all of the amazing people supporting and cheering makes us that much stronger.

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family who have been that familiar face out on the course or at the finish line!

And don't worry, I'm working away on that Baker Lake race report! A 9hr race is a lot to get down!
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