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Beet-Based Blended Soup

Posted Feb 28 2012 10:23am

I give Dr. Fuhrman credit for inventing the vegetable and bean soup blended with vegetable juice. He calls it his Anti-Cancer Soup and posted the recipe here . I’ve made a few adjustments over time to this soup, but the general idea is still the same: veggies blended with beans with vegetable juice as the base. Last night, I had some cooked beans and two giant bunches of collard greens calling my name, so I made a big batch of the soup. I used beets, carrots, ginger and cucumbers to make the juice which gave it a unique reddish color.

I’ll post the recipe below, but I used three large bell peppers, one large onion, two bunches of collard greens, two cups of mushrooms, five cloves of garlic and two cups of beans.

After getting the vegetables all ready, it’s time to make the soup happen.

I ended up only using one of the cooked yams in the soup. I blended the juice with a quarter cup of sunflower seeds and a quarter cup of raw, unsalted cashews which makes the soup incredibly delicious and creamy. I ended up batch-blending the soup in the Vitamix which gives it a pureed, baby-food consistency. I have leftovers for at least two more meals which makes me happy because it is so good and it’s not even green in color!

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Beet-Based Blended Soup – Makes 6-8 Servings


2 large bunches of greens, washed with stems removed

1 large onion, chopped into large pieces

5 cloves garlic, chopped

1 cooked yam or sweet potato, sliced (with skin on if organic)

3 large bell peppers, chopped into large pieces

2 cups mushrooms, chopped

1/4 cup each raw, unsalted sunflower seeds and cashews

2 cups of beans, drained and rinsed (I used cannellini)

1 tablespoon turmeric

2 teaspoons chili powder

1 tablespoon no-salt added seasoning

1 teaspoon curry powder

2 cups of freshly-made vegetable juice (I used 5 beets, 5 carrots, 2 large cucumbers and 1 1″ piece of ginger)


In a large pot, bring 1/4 cup of water to boil. Add onions and peppers and water-saute for a few minutes on medium heat. Add mushrooms and cook until softened. Add garlic and greens and put the lid on the pot so greens can steam for a few minutes. In the meantime, blend vegetable juice with nuts and seeds in a high-speed blender until creamy. Add beans, cooked yam and spices to big pot and stir to combine. Pour blended juice over entire soup mixture and stir. Heat gently until lightly simmering. Then, use a high-speed blender to batch process the soup. Use care when blending hot soup. Serve hot.

One of my friends was complaining to me recently that Dr. Fuhrman’s plan takes too much time. I have to disagree with that statement because I find time-saving tips all the time when I’m cooking. For instance, yesterday I used a bag of already sliced mushrooms instead of going to the trouble of cleaning and slicing them like I usually do. Canned beans are a life-saver, too, when one is strapped for time (just make sure to buy the no-salt added version or drain and rinse them really well). I also have enough for leftovers with virtually every meal that I make so I’m never cooking two nights in a row.

Personally, I think saying that it takes too much time to consistently cook at home or to make healthy meals is an excuse. I’m not judging people who use this excuse, I’m just calling it out for what it is. We all have to make compromises and priorities in how we spend our time and I’ve decided that healthy cooking is one of my top priorities in life (others would be exercising, blogging (!), spending time with family and friends, taking care of my two cats and staying on top of my schoolwork).

Speaking of which, I got really excited when I was grocery shopping yesterday because I found some frozen greens options:

It’s the little things, right? What are your top priorities in life and how does healthy eating fit in? What are your strategies for when you run out of time and need a healthy meal? Mine would probably be heating up some canned beans and rice with some steamed veggies and avocado on top. Have a great Tuesday!

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