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Becoming Vegan Book Feature

Posted Jul 26 2012 2:55pm

Well, hello there! Today is a busy day. After work, I’m heading to an open mic night with my Dad. Papa Kale’s birthday was yesterday and the only thing he wants is to see his little girl sing and play piano. How sweet is he? So, after work, we’re going to do just that. :-)

Let’s back up to this morning first! I tackled the same chest workou t as last week and envision a fairly sore upper body tomorrow. Winner! Post-workout was a slice of watermelon, chocolate-peanut butter  protein pudding oats , and black coffee.

Soooo divine. I use the same protein pudding oats recipe and had 2 (heaping!) tablespoons of powdered peanut butter to the mix. It’s life-changing, I’m telling you. In other news, I worked through the morning and had an early afternoon Skype chat with dearest Katelyn  and then it was 1:30 p.m. …and I hadn’t eaten lunch. Who am I?!


Salad on my bed.

That’s much better.

I had a late morning snack today, so I didn’t get hungry for lunch until a later-than-usual time. Today’s afternoon meal was sort of thrown together, as most salad lunches are around here. Nothing fancy – just kale, carrots, broccoli, avocado, and tempeh topped with Whole Foods’ Sesame-Ginger dressing. It was massive – massively delicious, that is.

Becoming Vegan Book Feature

A little over a month ago, I received an email from Brenda Davis, RD . She is an acclaimed author of many books surrounding plant-based nutrition and has a very impressive resume , to boot! I clearly remember, over four years ago, when I first wrestled with the idea of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. One of the first books that I researched was Becoming Vegan, co-written by Brenda herself. I thumbed through the pages and smiled as a wave of excitement washed over me. At that moment, I knew this was the lifestyle for me.

When I saw Brenda’s name in my inbox, my heart dropped. “Why was she emailing me?” I wondered. I clicked on the email and my eyes welled up with tears as I read the words that Brenda had so eloquently typed. She told me that she is currently in the process of a “huge update” on Becoming Vegan, including an eating disorders chapter. Brenda was in the early stages of editing the eating disorders chapter and wanted to forward it along to me, in hopes that I could help her edit the chapter and/or add an inspirational quote, based on my past personal experience with my eating disorder.

Seriously?! … After an over-zealous response to Brenda, I told my parents and we just cried together. The three of us spent six years battling my eating disorder together and, now, to see so much good coming out of such an evil disease was mind-blowing to me.

Now, after a month of corresponding, Brenda has graciously decided to place one of my personal quotes in the eating disorders chapter, and will also include my name in the acknowledgments section of the book. She even took some of my suggestions! The writer in me is elated to have my name in print and the nutritionist in me is honored that a prominent voice in the professional nutrition world would think to ask me for my input.

So, why am I telling you this? No, not to toot my own horn, despite what you may think. ;-) I want to show you that everything truly does have a purpose. I don’t believe things like this are just happenstance…they’re like another extra piece to our own personal puzzle. Our experiences, while difficult to understand sometimes, often produce an answer in the end. If I hadn’t gone through six years of hell, I wouldn’t have started this blog; I wouldn’t have found my passion; and I certainly wouldn’t have been featured in the new edition of Becoming Vegan. I really hope you’ll feel more inclined to fight your own battles – fight hard, believe in the power of you, and do it with honesty and true passion.

I’ll leave you with the quote that Brenda will be including in the new, fabulous eating disorders chapter of Becoming Vegan. I hope you’ll consider purchasing the book! I’ll keep you posted as time goes on and the release date draws near!

“The beauty in your heart is permanent and pure. The exterior is temporary and fleeting. Beauty shines from a light in your heart.”

Stay lovely,


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