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Become a Healthier You Series: Your People Circle

Posted Oct 19 2010 12:00am

targeting success 300x300 Become a Healthier You Series:  Your People Circle Some of you know how hard it is being a loner in the vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan. It can be extremely hard when people in your circle make you feel bad for choosing your path.

Some will question you, think you are weird and will sometimes make you feel uncomfortable. But always remember, you know where you are going and you are traveling to your destination. Nothing or no one will cause you to lose your way.

There are many ways that you can handle this situation, but let’s look at the people who are in your circle. I have family and friends who understand that I do not eat animal flesh or any animal products.

There are also some who can’t believe that I have chosen this way of life. They will sometimes make remarks, that I would never consider saying to them.  Always be kind!

To be successful, you must first stay on your path, no matter what. You have your map and you know exactly where you are going. When you travel on your journey you will find others who are traveling the same way. Don’t be afraid of getting to know these people. You can gain strength, knowledge and momentum from people traveling in the same direction as yourself.

1. Natural food stores. Some natural food stores offer events. Do your best to attend a few events. While you are attending the event, don’t forget to network.
2. Meet up groups. Join a meet up group in your area. You can find people who have similar interests as yourself. Once you meet up with these like-minded people you will begin motivated and full of strength.
3. Nings and social groups. These are groups that are geared toward your particular interest. It is a great way to meet others online. You can also learn things you didn’t know before.
4. You Tube other video sharing sites. This is also a great way to meet people who are on your path. All you need is to do is enter what you are searching for and videos on that particular topic will pop up. If you like what you find, then with the person by subscribing to their videos and befriending them.
5. Twitter keyword search. Having a Twitter account is more than just you sending a tweet. You can do a keyword search and find other people with who have interests similar to yours. Connect with them, by following them and staying in touch.
6. Facebook Pages and Groups. Join a or Group that is of interest to you. If the page or group makes regular updates, participate by responding or liking what they share. Most pages also share helpful links that can also link you to other people who share your interest.
7. Other fellow bloggers. There are many blogs out here that share your same interest. Visit that blog and join in the conversation by leaving a comment. Become a part of that blog community.

As you can see there are many ways that you can connect with like-minded people. Remember, your success depends on your people circle.

If you are traveling with people who are not going in your direction, they will slow you down and possibly lose site of your goal. You don’t need that, because you know where you are going.

Get with those people who are going places. In the case of becoming a healthier you, you must get with people who are traveling in the same direction. This will help you have a successful journey.

How do you connect with like-minded people?

Never let anyone be a stumbling block!

 Become a Healthier You Series:  Your People Circle
 Become a Healthier You Series:  Your People Circle
 Become a Healthier You Series:  Your People Circle
 Become a Healthier You Series:  Your People Circle
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