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Beauty You Can Eat

Posted Aug 09 2011 11:41pm

Years ago, when I first embarked on my detox journey, my focus was solely on food. I started buying organic, fresh produce, became conscious of my food combinations , and eliminated nearly all processed foods. In fact, almost everything that went into my mouth had to meet my high standards– but for some reason, I didn’t hold my skin care products to the same standard. This was partially due to the terrible acne I experienced in my teens. Though I finally got it under control (thanks to a serious round of Accutane and years of birth control– yikes), it left me scared to try anything new on my skin!

If you really think about it, though, whatever goes on our skin SHOULD be held to the same standard as our food! After all, our skin is our LARGEST organ, and easily “drinks” up whatever we put on it! (hence, why the Birth Control Patch is as effective as the Pill.) Would you drink your body lotion? I doubt Bath & Body Works’ lotion tastes as good as it smells. ;)

Many of you have asked me which products I use lately, so I thought I’d show you some of my favorites:

Juice Beauty’s Brightening Cleanser and Moisturizer are my go-to products for my face. They are nice and gentle on my sensitive skin, and smell great! Juice Beauty products all seem to score well on the Skin Deep database (a score of 0-2 is considered “low hazard”), so it’s nice to know they’re free of scary ingredients.

While I was in NYC for my training with Natalia Rose , I also picked up a new favorite at One Lucky Duck:

Amazing Face , by Simply Divine Botanicals. I love this lotion because you can literally EAT every ingredient in the jar. It’s thick and creamy, so you only need a little bit to cover your whole face! My skin feels so soft and moisturized, and smells wonderful! I thought this lotion was a little pricey when I bought it in May, but it’s not even half-way gone yet… and I use it almost every night! Good value. :D

Another favorite discovery from One Lucky Duck is my all-natural deodorant:

Crystal Ally Deodorant! (I love the Pink Grapefruit scent!) I tried many “natural” deodorants before this one, and NONE of them worked for me. I didn’t have very high expectations when I tried this one, but boy, was I pleasantly surprised! It keeps me smelling fresh through my workouts, and I’ve had numerous readers confirm that it works for them, too! Try it!

My next favorite product does it ALL:

Dr. Bronner’s “Magic” soap! I use the cleansing bars in the shower, and thanks to a tip from my brilliant sister-in-law–> it’s also my toothpaste! She recommended that I try the peppermint flavor, and I simply squirt it onto my toothbrush. It doesn’t taste great, but it’s not bad… and you quickly get used to it. This soap foams up like crazy (thanks to my electric toothbrush ) and leaves my teeth feeling squeaky-clean. Seriously, my mouth has NEVER felt so clean. I think it’s even improved my morning breath!

Best. Discovery. Yet.

Makeup is probably the one area I’ve been the most hesitant to change. I still love Bobbi Brown’s products (I first invested in some for my wedding, and have been hooked ever since!) But, I’ve made some gradual changes in that department…

I tried RMS Beauty’s un-cover up , and have been really happy with it so far:

This cover up is moisturizing, and provides light coverage for daily use. I still use my Bobbi Brown foundation (with no SPF) for big events, because I love the way it looks in photos– but the RMS stuff works for me the rest of the time. I also love their lip shine!

For my nails, I’ve been shopping at Whole Foods lately:

They carry No Miss Vegan Nail Polish! I’ve tried two colors so far, and both have had great coverage– without looking streaky, like some other brands I’ve tried. I’m not totally convinced this nail polish is all that “safe,” but since I really enjoy having some color on my nails, I think this brand is better than most.

For full-body moisturizing, I keep it simple:

The people over at Tropical Traditions sent me this jar of coconut oil, and I’ve used it for EVERYTHING! I keep a container of it in my bathroom to use as lotion when I step out of the shower, and keep another container in my kitchen for cooking.

Now that’s a lotion I don’t mind eating. ;)

Time for you all to share! What’s your favorite natural beauty product? Any good hair care products I should try? I haven’t found a favorite in that department yet… though my favorite shower filter has definitely improved the texture and shine of my hair!

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