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Beans, Beans, Beans

Posted Sep 06 2010 4:32pm

I feel like my pajama days are full of harder work than my “work days”! Of course – I think it’d be pretty awesome to be able to go to work in your pajamas. It’d be so cozy! I should have just not done my laundry after all yesterday, so that could be my excuse.  I mean…all of five people came in today. It’s Labor Day…why was I working?! I hope you all were able to enjoy a nice long weekend, though :)

My eyes are too fuzzy with sleep to focus my camera in the am. sorry.

While my mom cackled from the kitchen table at the fact that I had to go to work and she didn’t, I prepared some of the best overnighters for…a couple days. A mashed banana in the base as well as the combo of rolled oats with quick oats (many thanks to Nora for that idea!) made for a lovely breakfast. I kept it simple and topped it with just a peach, some raspberries, wheat germ, and peanut butter sauce.

I was thinking last night that I’d try to squeeze in a light hack on Teddie this morning, but that wasn’t really happening when the alarm went off. I fell asleep sort of late, and to be honest, was a bit tight after yesterday’s busy day! And it turned out to be a good thing I hadn’t rushed to get ready. Usually when I get there around 8 in the mornings before work, chores are all done and everyone’s fed by the man who did chores. He left for duty on Friday, though – so it’s all A. She doesn’t do it as early, so when I got there, she wasn’t even there yet and everyone was waiting patiently for their breakfast! I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t bring him out and groom him (Blue and Jewel were crowding the gate and my brushes were in the locked tackroom) but that doesn’t mean he didn’t get his [almost] daily belly-rub :)

I’m really hoping this is just a one-time thing…because if it isn’t it’s not really gonna work out for me. I’ve been toying with the idea of bringing Teddie here, and I think that not being able to do anything with him before work would sort of be a final push!

Lunch consisted of the leftovers from lastnight’s Ratatouille Bulghur and a half of a PB & J. I have a jar of peanut butter and jelly at work…and when I came in after eating decided another spoonful of PB would be good. I swiped some and moseyed back into the lab, as my boss excitedly asked me what I had there. Food is very often talked about in my work. I’m usually the quiet bystander, since the talk is usually about really greasy meals like Friendly’s new concoction, fast food, berbequed pork, and what-not. So when my answer was just “peanut butter…” I’m not sure what he thought and had to throw in a “sorry to disappoint!” haha.

I had a SuperCharge Me cookie for dessert – the banana was consumed on my way from the barn to work, though when I packed it I had thought maybe I would have a PB, B & H sandwich rather than a PB & J. No dice.

These Kashi crackers are becoming “the usual” snack. The box is almost done and as good as they are – it’s a lot easier for me to get bored of a savory snack than a sweet one, apparently. I’m ready for a change.

I had a bar packed – but honestly, by the time the afternoon rolled around I wasn’t much hungry. Probably because work was sloooowww. Reasonably so. I decided another spoonful of peanut butter was necessary, though.

Sometimes I just want to dive into the jar.

The Mission: Use up the following leftovers:

  • portabella cap
  • hydroponic boston lettuce

Mission: Accomplished!

I ended up getting out of work a half hour early since there was nothing left for me to do – so I took advantage of the extra time to roast some veg and tackle millet once again. Or so I thought.

Just like last time – I grabbed the quinoa instead of the millet! Side by side, they don’t resemble each other…but it was in the front and I didn’t even second guess myself that I’d grabbed millet, not quinoa.

In case anyone was wondering, quinoa still cooks fine even if you use wayyyy more water than you normally would for quinoa ;)

In the bowl:

  • hydroponic Boston lettuce (I bought a container with two heads – and don’t really care for it. I love how fresh it stays from being packed with the roots and all – but it’s far too much like iceberg. Too…watery? For all I know, though – maybe it is iceberg, just under a fancier name.)
  • quinoa
  • roasted broc
  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • fresh corn, cut off the cob
  • roasted portabella cap, seasoned with balsamic, garlic salt, and maple pepper
  • black beans
  • mozzarella cheese
  • raspberry-fig sauce

I loved adding the piping hot sweet potatoes on top of the mozzarella :) I love sweet potatoes. I love beans, beans, beans!

What’s your favorite bean?

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