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Beach Time, Fuel Boot Camp Class, & Spin It Out Bike Workout

Posted Aug 03 2011 6:57pm

Hello everyone! I am so glad to see that I’m not the only bagel lover out there . I loved Jordan’s suggestion that my WIAW post is Bagel Porn because that really should have been the original title. I can hear the bow chicka bowwow coming from my computer right now. ;)


Beach Time

I had a wonderful day partially because some wonderful encouragement from Michelle prompted me to make time to go here…

beach vacation

I needed to spend a couple hours reading a book that I am reviewing for BlogHer so I figured why not do it at the beach! :D


Fuel Training Studio Outdoor Boot Camp Class

In addition to my relaxing time in the sun I was also active in the sunshine this morning when I joined Fuel Training Studio’s outdoor boot camp class down at the Newburyport Harbor.

newburyport MA harbor 2

Owners Jeanne and Julie taught the 9:15 to 10:15 am class which included a variety of strength and interval cardio moves. The ladies led us through a bunch of jump rope exercises and boy could I tell that I haven’t touched a jump rope in over a year! The toughest part was doing 6 x alternating jump rope strides up a moderate slope. We also did 3 x 60 seconds of 3 triceps dips and 1 jump squat, each time trying the beat the number of reps from the previous round. As someone who does considerably more endurance running, I had a lot of fun doing rounds of 10 second sprints followed by 30 seconds of rest. I did my best to try and keep up with the speedsters!

In addition to the outdoor boot camp class, Julie and Jeanne offer personal training, spin, strength training, suspension training, core barre, heavy bag boxing, yoga, and hybrid/combination classes . I am super excited to try a core barre class because I’ve heard that they are killer!


Workout Wednesday Spin It Out Bike Workout

Enough about my workout, let’s get to yours. A lot of people mistakenly think that to get an efficient cycle workout, they have to be in spin class. I whole heartedly disagree and here’s why: As long as you have a bike with at least a few gears, you can adjust the resistance as much as you want. That means that even if you’re biking on flat road, you can shift into higher gears to increase resistance for short intervals.

However, if you don’t have a bike or don’t want to ride outside, this workout can also be done on a stationary bike.


Spin It Out Bike Workout Directions

  • Perform this workout on a bike with multiple gears or on a stationary bike.
  • Have at least one bottle of water handy.
  • If you are biking outside make sure to wear your helmet, follow the rules of the road, be aware of cars, and stay safe.
  • If at any time you feel the need to slow down, take a break or stop, please do so. Your health and safety are most important.


Spin It Out Bike Workout

Warm Up

  • 2 minute low resistance, easy cadence
  • 5 minute cruising with moderate resistance increasing pace/cadence slightly each minute

Set #1 Strength: 5 x 1 minute high resistance (like you’re biking up a steep hill) followed by 30 seconds easy resistance

1 minute easy

Set #2 Speed: 10 x 30 seconds sprint with moderate resistance followed by 30 seconds easy pace/cadence

I minute easy

Repeat sets 1 and 2 once or twice as desired

Cool Down: 5 minutes easy, gradually slowing your pace

Spin it Out Bike Workout Printable PDF


I would love to hear from you…

Do you like biking?

When was the last time you were at the beach?

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