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Beach Life

Posted Feb 28 2012 12:22pm

It’s official, I’m a beach baby. I was born in California, after all ^~

Mama S☀S and I visited Ponce Inlet on a beautiful sunny day to look for seashells for my dream catcher. She took me to a section of beach that she’d been going to since she was a little girl. The light was beautiful, so I practiced taking pictures with Luna while she showed me her familiar paths.

The walk down to Mama S☀S’s secret beach felt like a pathway into another land. It’s all interconnecting boardwalks with wood so weathered that the splinters have been worn to softness.

And then, suddenly, the world opens up to the timeless ocean.

It was so breathtakingly beautiful and deserted. There were a few locals enjoying the warm day, but other than that it was just us and the gulls.

I have never been on a beach that had so many seashells and such soft sand. This was the first time that I’d found a “wild” sand dollar — or half of one, for that matter.

After Luna and I finished trying to capture the beauty of the beach, silliness ensued.

I mean, you have to have at least one jumping-in-the-air picture, don’t you? ^~ It was such a fun afternoon, and a successful one: I was able to get the shells and feathers I needed to finish my dream catcher. Take a look!

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I started weaving it. I can’t believe that I have to go back to Toronto tomorrow. I have been having such a fun time here with my family and with the sun. I feel rested, recovered and (finally) happy again. My body is thanking me for the R&R, too. I’ve been sleeping in, going for lazy runs and enjoying beautifully fresh salads and produce:

And possibly more beautiful ice cream. Life is about balance, after all, and I need to put some pounds back on. There’s nothing like heartbreak to make your weight fluctuate … but there’s nothing like ice cream to boost your mood and bolster your metabolism ^~

Coldstone Sweet Cream with banana, toasted walnuts, toasted almonds and graham cracker crust. Yes, this was a large, thank you very much ^~ and yes, I ate every single delicious bite  ❤

A confession: I need to make an effort to include more treats in my day-to-day, and I encourage you to do the same! Life is too short to pass on dessert every time. I find that it’s all too easy to become sucked up into the ultra-healthy blogosphere, so here’s to taking a bit of a step back and just enjoying what’s in front of you.

I’ll be back with more, but the next time I write it will be back in snowy, windy, slushy Toronto.

… *siiiigh.*

Let’s stay sunny together!

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