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Be Your Authentic Blogging Self – #FHBC12 Lesson

Posted Jun 24 2012 8:44pm
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Be Your Authentic Blogging Self – #FHBC12 Lesson

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I spent this last weekend in Denver at the Fitness and Health Blogger Conference . I met so many amazing ladies, listened to great scientific lectures, and had a wonderful time. As you all know (if there’s anyone out there still reading!) I haven’t blogged much in the last year. I miss it. So when I had the opportunity to go to this conference I seized it as an opportunity for a fresh perspective and a space to find inspiration and soak in the positive energy of all the health & fitness minded folks around me. I wasn’t disappointed. 

There are a lot of other attendees  who can give you a play-by-play of the event with lots of food photos included, but I thought I’d just share a few of my thoughts and favorite takeaways.

What was particularly awesome (and different from what I hear) about this conference was its focus on the science, research and data quality behind health and fitness information. A few points in particular:

  • Share an opinion, but let it be known that it’s your opinion;
  • Share scientific data, but site sources;
  • Spread information, but give credit where it is due!

But the most important message I was reminded of had nothing to do with science (though the dork in me loved all of that) was simple:

Be your authentic self! 

Seems that should be obvious, but behind a blog name (or Twitter handle or any other social medium) it’s easy to try to be someone else (often not even on purpose), or put up a front of what you think a “good” health blogger should be. I 100% have fallen into this trap in the past and simultaneously can easily start caring too much about what others think. “What if they thing I’m wrong?” or “What if I actually am wrong?” “What if I offend people or they don’t like me?” .. ahh well (talking to myself now).. that’s life! 

If there’s one thing I can say for this blog, I’m always honest, and with that you all have seen me make A LOT of twists and turns with nutrition and fitness over the last few years. Even if it comes with the best of intentions.. I’ve been all over the board! I use to be embarrassed about my jumping around, thinking that it made me seem like I didn’t know what I was doing or I was wishy washy. But truth is I’ve now come to embrace it. Each endeavor I’ve made has been with sincerity, I know that in my heart. Often the best way to learn is to try! I believe that whole heartedly. There’s science behind health, but your health isn’t a science, it’s a never ending process of learning, experimenting and getting to know what you need. You have to find what works for you! And what works this month may not next, and what works for me may won’t work for you.

There are awesome blogs by dedicated fitness competitors, hard core yogis, vegans, crossfit and paleo folks, etc, and I’ve been obsessed over each of those at different points over the last few years. I have so much respect for people who can find one thing and are 100% sure that’s what the “best.” But that’s not for me. I try, I learn, I revise, start over, learn some more, mess up, fall on my face, heck knock out my teeth (gymnastics days), try again, learn again, and again and again.. and that’s ok!

Funny enough, it’s my passion for, practice and study of yoga that has started to teach me that lesson. Yoga teaches me not to obsess about yoga.. I love that :-)  

I leave you with a couple pics from the weekend…

My and my #fhbc12 roomy! Check out her blog Mind Over Booty .

And for those who asked I got this tank from Yoganastix !

Favorite meal of the trip: Cherry Smoothie courtesy of Choose Cherries , topped with Love Grown Granola .. yum!


Until next time.. find me on Pinterest ;-) <3

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