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Be You. BeYOUtiful.

Posted Mar 30 2013 7:41am

I listen to the same radio station every morning during my (long, but lovely) commute to work… Cities 97 Oake and Keri in the morning. I love their music and I love that they don’t just talk about music. Keri is really into health/fitness and Oake is just starting to jump on the bandwagon, so this seems to be a reoccurring conversation on their show. On Friday, Keri brought up an interesting topic: Bullying in relation to body type/size (big and small)

She raised the question, “Is calling someone “too skinny” just as bad as calling someone “fat?”

I asked this same question on my facebook page that morning and got an AMAZING response. They were mostly from skinny-build/athletic/fit women who suffered from this very thing. People bringing them down because..”they are too skinny,” or “they are too fit,” “or they need to eat a sandwich because their too skinny.” People judge them purely based off what they look like.

Now-it’s interesting because when I suffered from my eating disorder, I didn’t really get any negative comments directly to my face. They were all…”Lee, you look GREAT,” “Dang Girl,” “How did you do it?” To my face they were all great things about my body, but behind my back, I KNOW that was a different conversation.

I bring that up because I truly believe that society’s standards are absolutely ridiculous. SKINNY, SKINNY, SKINNY. That is what everyone is reaching for. Once you get there, people tell you that you look amazing, but the things they say behind your back…not okay. Not eating enough is just as much of an issue as eating too much because either way you are at risk for different things if your bodyweight is too high or too low. Genetics is something that is forgotten about. Ectomorphs have a naturally skinny figure and high metabolism, FROM BIRTH. Endomorphs are slightly round with a lower metabolism than ectomorphs, FROM BIRTH. Mesomorphs are more muscular and have a higher metabolism, FROM BIRTH.

FROM BIRTH. No one chooses their body type…but EVERYONE should embrace who they are.

Back to the comments on my facebook page. 1 word: Empowerment. That is really what I got from every single person who left a comment. Love yourself and nothing else matters. Be okay with how you look today, how you looked 5 months ago, and how you might look in a year.

Love who YOU are and BE the person you want to be, that is all that matters. I promise your confidence will rub off on people and they won’t even pay attention to what you look like.

Be You. BeYOUtiful.


that is all.

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