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Be THANKFUL, Not Critical

Posted Jun 07 2012 12:05am

One thing that I can  barely stand to be around is critical, negative attitudes. It’s not the people that I dislike, but I refuse to allow myself to be around others who are constantly complaining about everything. I do try to be as nice is possible, love on them and encourage them, but I also limit my time around them. It is way too easy to get sucked into that, and we have to guard our hearts.

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I feel like social networking has made this even more rampant than ever….don’t you think? People whine and complain about EVERYTHING and feel the need to publicly display every negative thought that runs through their head! It’s annoying, and even offensive sometimes. I t especially bothers me when people complain about circumstances that are within their control and could be changed with a little effort.

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I know life is not always sunshine and roses, but really…we have SO much to be thankful for and so many positive things we can choose to focus on instead. It’s a conscious choice we make, and I prefer an optimistic perspective. Of course, I have to have help with that. Even right now, it probably sounds as if I’m complaining about people complaining. Ha, ironic, huh? I’m not trying to….I really just wanted this to serve as a reminder to all of us, especially me, to get my attitude in check and make sure I’m not being negative or critical. That brings others down, and we are put here to encourage one another! Sometimes we just need a little reminder to change our perspective. It’s hard to complain when you’re overflowing with thankfulness….

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Check out this devotion:

God is calling you to a life of thankfulness. He wants all of our moments to be punctuated with thanksgiving. The basis for our gratitude is His sovereignty. He is the Creator and Controller of the universe. Heaven and earth are filled with His glorious presence.

When we criticize or complain, we are acting as if we think WE could rule the world better than He does. From our limited  human perspective, it may look as if He’s mismanaging things. But we don’t know what He knows or see what He sees. If God pulled back the curtain to allow us to see the Heavenly realms, we would understand much more. However, He has designed us to live by faith, not by sight. He lovingly shields us from knowing the future or seeing spiritual warfare. Acknowledge His presence by giving thanks in all circumstances.

2 Corinthians 5:71 Thessalonians 5:18

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