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Be good to your gut, and your gut will (not) be good to you?

Posted May 09 2011 10:30pm

13 Mar

This is an exaggeration, but I might be dying.

Sickness strikes again. What’s with me lately? I’ve been up two consecutive nights in tears with what felt like a baloon full of air stuck in my lower abdomen, accompanied by other, ahem, unpleasant symptoms. It’s been so awful. This has happened once before, when I switched medicines, but I’m not taking any medication right now. And it’s only at night. During the day I feel a little yucky, but not unbearable like at night. And I can’t think of anything unusual I’ve eaten.

So I went to the Express Care clinic conveniently located two doors down from my apartment complex this morning and was seen within 10 minutes of walking in the door (Best. urgent care. experience. ever.) But the doctor told me what I’ve been dreading to hear for a long time: He thinks I should have a colonoscopy. Noooo!

Now, I had an endoscopy, and that was traumatic enough. (By that I mean all I had to do was not eat or drink for 8 hours and then let them sedate me into the best sleep of my life while they stick a tube down my throat. And then pay them $1,100 to have found nothing; that part kinda sucked).

But he said he didn’t think it was my appendix because the pain was different, but I’m on ER watch for the next 48 hours. I should probably tell that to my roommates. For now he said I can hang with my BFF Pepto, chug lots of water and wait it out.

Oh, they joys of GI problems.

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