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BBQ’s on a budget.

Posted Jun 01 2010 12:00am

Ive been dying to buy a bbq, and finally I got one from LIDL for €19.99. Buy Cheap BBQ grills here

The same night we decided to have a BBQ, 13 people decided to come.

My friends love BBQs which is great for me because a BBQ is probably the least expensive way to eat, so with 13 people to feed and on a €6/person budget… I managed to cook up a feast!

  • Each sirloin steak was around €4.50,
    A 2.5kg bag of potatoe wedges worked out to around €3.00
    The salads, fruit and veg worked out pretty cheap; at no more than €5.50.
    Of course the charcoal isn’t included in this budget but even that didnt cost too much, a bag costs €6.50 and we only used one.

So let’s add it up:

  • Meat €4.50 x13
  • Chips €3.50
  • Salad €5.50

= €67.5 /13
=€5.19/person (excluding charcoal and ice-creams)

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