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Battle of the Tigers

Posted Mar 27 2009 12:00am

I am dragging this morning.  But that is ok with me.  I’ll give up a couple hours of sleep any day to see MIZZOU ADVANCE TO THE ELITE EIGHT!  My team! 

I took yet another trip to Gatsby’s (because CBS apparently thought we would enjoy the Purdue game over the MU game) to meet up with some of my fav guy friends in the area to watch Mizzou play Memphis.  We all mentally prepared ourselves for a severe beating- Memphis is an awesome team this year.  We sat and started ordering rounds to soften the blow.  It was unfortunate the television directly in front of me wasn’t playing the game I wanted, but I guess it was ok because at least 10 tv’s in my direct view were.  I’m starting to love Gatsby’s more and more- it seems to be my default for watching a game in a good ol’ neighborhood bar.

Memphis never had a chance.  Which ended up surprising us all.  How could they, though, when we have freshmen making insanes shots like this:

Needless to say, I’m running on a little less than five hours today.  Tonight will be a lazy one.  But after last night’s occurences, I now have to solve the problem of where the hell am I going to watch the game tomorrow night?!?!  I’m already heading to Bucktown to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  Woe is me- sounds like I’ll be on Metromix searching for sports bars to hit before the birthday celebration begins.  That’s completely fine- Metromix is like crack for a Chicago nerd like me.

And just in case you want to read up a little more about how awesome Mizzou is:

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