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Battery Studio 1558 Power Management Tips

Posted Aug 19 2013 2:55am

A high quality  battery Studio 1558  can last for around two to three years or 400 charging cycles. The duration however, depends on the amount of power you use with your laptop per sitting, the kinds of applications you use, and how you store the battery for Dell Studio 1558, when you are not using your laptop. Keep your Dell Studio 1558 battery working well by doing the following:


Usage habits

Did you know that your usage habits determine how long the battery Studio 1558 in your laptop will work optimally? Generally, if you like to multitask, while using your laptop, leave your battery plugged in the electrical outlet in your home for long, even when not in use, or fail to shut down your laptop before storage, you can deal a tremendous blow, with the life of your Dell Studio 1558 battery. Make the following changes if you want the  battery for Dell  in your laptop to last longer: first, save as much power as possible when running your laptop on battery charge. Instead of multitasking (listening to music, watching a movie, while working on a Word document at the same time), complete a single activity at a go. Second, do not leave your Dell Studio battery plugged for a long time. Although lithium ion batteries do not suffer from the top up effect nickel-based batteries suffer from, maintaining a steady flow of current in the accessory hastens chemical degradation in cells and can even damage small, but highly essential battery components. Finally, do not let you battery overheat during usage or storage. Optimize the cooling fan in your laptop, avoid trapping heat around the battery, and always store laptop in a cool and dry place when not in use.


Dell adapter

Check the type and properties of the  Dell Studio 1558 adapter  you use to charge your battery Studio 1558, if you want to add a couple of months to its life. In their bid to get everything done quickly, many Dell laptop enthusiasts have opted for the fast or high-speed chargers that are making the rounds on the Internet. Even though they will power the battery for Dell Studio 1558 in your laptop to capacity in under an hour, they will degrade the cells and other components of your battery a fraction at a time, every time you use them. You should also be on the lookout for fake Dell Studio adapters that have penetrated the Internet market; they have skewed voltages and amp value that can easily damage your Studio 1558 battery and even a laptop computer. If the Dell Studio 1558 adapter you use is damaged or non-compatible, buy a new one online for best results.


Laptop settings

The amount of power your laptop needs when in use determines how long your  Dell Studio 1558 battery  will last. If it uses a lot of energy, it lowers the life of the accessory and vice versa. Optimize the following power settings in your laptop computer to maintain your Dell Studio 1558 battery well: first, lower screen brightness and contrast levels to a minimum. You should also set your laptop to hibernate after a duration of inactivity. Finally, uninstall or shut down junk programs and system processes that run automatically at start up, or in the background during usage. A third-party application such as Ccleaner can help.


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