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Batten down the hatches! A storm is a coming!

Posted Feb 12 2010 5:02pm

My parents may have waist-deep snow up in B’mizzle:

(And that’s my daddy shoveling.  Isn’t he cute?  He was supposed to be down in GA this weekendand I was going to get to spend V-day with him…but the two blizzards up north are keeping him up there this weekend.  I’m pretty bummed. :-/)

Butstop complaining B’more. Wehere in Georgiaare about to get 3inches! It is the real snomageddon.  Jk.  I am loving this “snow storm.”  Seriouslypeople are rushing aroundbuying bottled water and canned food so they can survive if this MAJOR snow knocks out their power.  Seriously.  It’s 3″ of snowpeople.  Get a grip and Chill the F out.

ThoughI will say thisboth my my fur-babies are southerners…and neither of them have lived north of DurhamNC.  Sothey’ve seen very little snow in their lifetimes…as suchthey aren’t big fans of the fluffy white stuff.

B’s all “I’m not sure what this white stuff isbut I’m pretty sure I don’t like it.”

I’m bummed because the workout I was supposed to do today is going to have to be postponed.  I have no problem running the snow (I did it all the time in MD); butI just don’t trust these southerners to shovel their sidewalks (whichincidentallyI haven’t done either…) or know how to drive so that they don’t skid and crash into me on the sidewalk.

SO.  The dreaded drainer tonight.

And some massive top to bottom house cleaningwhile watching the olympics and dreaming of what obscure sport I will pick up so I can become an olympic athlete.

I’ve always wanted to be an olympic athlete (who hasn’t) and I was always concocting plans to pick up random sports so that I could make the team. At one point it was kayaking…and at one point when there was discussion of adding ballroom dancing to the Sydney OlympicsI was CONVINCED I would be an olympic ballroom dancer (and forced my mother to get me in ballroom dance classes).  At 12 years oldI was the youngest person by about 40 years.  Then there was the idea that since I could get my Greek citizenshipI would somehow compete for the Greek olympic teamfor which there is far less athletic competition than the American team.

I know most people prefer the summer games to the winter games (me included…love me some swimming and track and triathlon and rowing…). Butthere are certain winter sports that I LOVE.  Speed skating is my favorite. I’ve always wanted to try it…I guess it’s never too late.  Maybe when I leave the south I can try it out…I’m pretty sure there is no where in AugustaGA to speed skate.

Sowhat is your fav winter olympic sport?

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