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Basilar joint arthritis symptoms - Basilar Joint Arthritis Over view

Posted Jul 15 2010 3:25am
basilar joint arthritis treatment




The basilar joint is formed by a small bone in the wrist and the fist bone in the thumb. This joint allows the thumb to move in several directions for pinching and gripping. It is common to develop arthritis in the basilar thumb. Osteoarthritis and/or degenerative arthritis are conditions which develop from the natural wear and tear on the joints. Cartilage is what covers the end of the bones; the cartilage creates a smooth surface which protects the bones from wearing down by providing them that smooth surface which they use to glide down each other. With osteoarthritis the cartilage wears down to the bone, and the bones begin to rub together destroying the joint, causing pain, swelling and stiffness. Injuries to the thumb can make a person more likely to develop

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