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Basic Knowledge on Changing the Dell XPS M1530 Battery

Posted Dec 10 2013 6:42am

The probable duration of the  Dell XPS M1530 battery  is around two years. This is the time when you will see some drop in the performance of the battery. Apart from noticing that kind of drop you will also notice that the charge in the cells will last for some time before it becomes flat. When such a thing is noticed it is advisable to purchase a new one to save your time that you could waste waiting for the battery to charge. Just look around the shop to buy the exact cell as that you bought with the laptop. Ensure that you buy an original cell.


Dell M1530 battery

The  Dell replacement battery  comes in an attractive package and is always well equipped. Aside from that it also has some powerful graphic adapters. This battery does not only come in one but when you buy the laptop you will find around six of these batteries that you can change when they have stopped charging. The original batteries are known to last for a long time before they are replaced. This battery has been manufactured using the best cells. It has a long life and is sold at affordable prices in the shops.


Dell replacement battery

The process of  Dell M1530 battery  cannot be as easy as thought of. This is because there are some things that you should know. First before you open the laptop you should have the right tools to use in unscrewing. Also have a magnet that you can use in holding the screws so that you do not misplace them. Follow the instructions on the manual or the notebook of the laptop so that it can help you in opening the laptop. Another thing that you should put into your mind is that you should disconnect it so that you work on it when the power is off. Also remove the cables that are connected to it so that they do not interfere with your work. Before you open it you are instructed to close it so that the screen is protected. Work on the laptop when it is upside down. That is when you will be sure of what you are doing. If you are stuck you can call an expert to help you in the replacement of the batteries. If there are some problems on the  Dell battery  that you do not understand you can call the dell customer care so that they tell you what exactly should be done.


DELL XPS M1530 Laptop Battery

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