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Barry’s Bootcamp London

Posted Nov 08 2013 5:39pm

There is something so refreshing about finding a familiar friend in a new city. IMG_3750 While we knew that Barry’s Bootcamp existed when we moved to London, we’ve been so busy getting oriented and unpacked the past few weeks that we never even looked up where it was located. Instead, we’ve spent our weekends running outside while Bo works out at Reebok Sports Club near his office during the week. But Wednesday afternoon Bo texted me stating that he signed us up for the 6am Friday class. He figured it would be a fun way to end the week together while also giving us a chance to see how it compared to our favorite Barry’s Bootcamp location in New York. (A year ago I reviewed Barry’s Bootcamp New York for the first time!) IMG_3743

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Upon walking through the doors of 16 Upper Woburn Place we were greeted by many familiar sights and smells. Orchids, Malin+Goetz candles, a Fuel Bar complete with more than 10 smoothie creations, and a friendly staff greeted us as we walked through the door. It felt as if we were walking through the doors in Chelsea, save for the British accent that gave us a bright “cheers.” 

At 6am on the dot we found ourselves on the 2 end treadmills, ready for 55 minutes of burn. Before we started the workout, the instructor, Olly, walked around to each person introducing himself and asking them if they had any injuries or if was their first time. He then told us that it was Full Body Friday which meant we’d hit each body part during the 55 minutes including 3 treadmill segments. IMG_3746 There were three different types of treadmill runs during today’s class: 10 minutes of hills, 10 minutes of speed and 5 minutes of “dynamic” running on the Woodway treadmill during which we use our own strength to manually push the belt. The 3 floor sections were a mix of squats, step ups, pushups, chest presses, and bicep curls with medium weights. Last but not least we finished class with bicycle abs before moving into the cool down stretches.

The great thing about a franchise with consistent brand equity like Barry’s Bootcamp is that you get a very similar experience at every location. We walked out of the class exhausted in the same exact way we would in New York. My pre-ordered Not Your Average Joe smoothie was waiting at the smoothie bar for me while a bathroom full of lockers and products greeted Bo so he could easily shower and change at the gym before heading to work. IMG_3751 If you haven’t tried Barry’s Bootcamp yet I would recommend it, regardless your fitness level. As long as you are honest with the teacher at the beginning of class you will get a great deal out of the workout. If you’re experienced you may get a few new ideas or see numbers on the treadmill you haven’t seen before. If you’re a beginner, you will achieve a workout high like none other and push yourself beyond what you thought possible. The teachers will challenge you, especially in the last minute of any workout, but in a friendly and positive way!

Barry’s Bootcamp London is located at 16 Upper Woburn Place and offers classes from 6am until 8pm Monday through Friday and 8:45 to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Classes begin at 20 pounds for one class though buying package results in a discount. 

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