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Bar Battles! Which Nutrition Bar is the Best?

Posted Mar 19 2013 10:55pm


bar 2

 Hey guys!!

So last night I was at Trader Joe’s looking through the supplement section and I thought…hmmm…I should just buy a buffet of bars to try out! Cuz…I can!?

I actually wanted to do a head to head nutrition bar battle against some of the most popular brands out there. I steered away from the traditional “protein bars” because I honestly think they taste too dry. And…I am on a mission to find the perfect pre-workout and post-workout snack when on-the-run. You should eat whole, real food when you can. But let’s be realistic. When you can’t, you have to have backups! Let’s see the competitors!

bar battles

BrandCalsFatCarbsProteinSugarTasteThinkThin Crunch Orig. Mixed Nuts 190 13g 15g 8g 4g The best of them all! It wasn’t too sweet. I liked that I could see all of the nuts I was eating and the slight glaze was a fine touch. Although I enjoyed the soy crisps (made it taste like a rice krispy) I normally woudn’t eat that. I appreciate the low sugar and the least amt of carbs in this bar. 0g (11g alcohol sugar) Oops! Had no idea this one had chocolate in it so I couldn’t test it until my friend came over. He said it was dry and very “protein-y”. 11g Very good tasting. This one tasted like a rice krispy treat and had a peanut butter cream base underneath the soy crisps and oats. Too carby for me. 18g TOO SWEET! You could make this yourself with crushed cashews and mushed dates. 18g TOO SWEET even with no added sugar! Checked the label and it’s just peanuts, dates, and salt. I would recommend just making this yourself. 12g A very talked about brand! I didn’t particularly enjoy the coconuts but overall, it reminded me of the ThinkThin Crunch. I personally thought it was a little too sweet, but appreciated that I could see all of the ingredients whole.
ThinkThin Creamy Peanut Butter 240 9g 22g 20g
Luna Peanut Butter Cookie 180 6g 26g 9g
Larabar Cashew Cookie 230 13g 23g 6g
Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie 220 12g 23g 7g
K ind Bar Almond & Coconut 190 12g 21g 3g

After tasting each one like a proper connoisseur, I was able to declare a clear winner! The bar I liked best was the ThinkThin Crunch Original Mixed Nuts . The nutrition label also seems the best to me. It has the least amount of carbs, a decent amount of protein, and very little sugar. (Great to avoid blood sugar spikes.) I am not really concerned about the fat grams since it’s coming from nuts, so that is all good.

I would highly recommend giving that bar a try! I’m def not being paid by any of these brands, so please do not worry about any biased opinions! This really was just a “ooohhhh bars! let’s buy em all” type of impulse buy thing. Hahahaha.

Also, I want to ask you POPsters something! If I ever came up with the ULMTIMATE bar…what would you want in it? What would it be called? What flavors!?

Please let me know in the comments below!! I’m kinda serious…let’s make the perfect bar that isn’t already out there! Can’t wait to hear your responses!

<3 Cassey

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