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Bang, Bang. I am…a Warrior!

Posted Sep 16 2012 4:26pm

Saturday, September 15th. Gilford New Hampshire. I completed my #1 Dezolution.

I finished the Warrior Dash. 

It wasn’t impossible, but it was hard.  Queue the mile of uphill running on the first leg of the race.  I didn’t realize I was afraid of heights until I scaled the 15ft rope wall. Or when I climbed another wall called ‘Dead Man’s Drop’ because there was no full ladder on the other side. Or how much I really hated cargo nets. And cargo net walls. I didn’t realize I was afraid of these obstacles because I didn’t give myself the chance to worry about them. Once I did it, I looked back  and said, ‘Well shit, that wasn’t so terrible. It sucked, but it’s over.’ I won’t turn this into a philosophical ’what does it meeeeean’ post. But it certainly made me think differently about challenges. It made me think how most of my anxiety (and others), is the anticipation. The more time you have to create worst case scenarios (or even uncomfortable scenarios) the less energy you have to just get yourself over it.

As a girl who usually likes to know every detail of what I’m about to get into with just a touch of  ’don’t tell me, don’t tell me!’, I really enjoyed the conquering aspect of just running full speed and trusting myself that I know how to duck out of the way of barbed wire.


After the race :)

And of course, the bruising (some may be TKD related as well)



I did it. And it took me years, but I did it.

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