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Bananas Make Me Sick!

Posted May 04 2010 5:40am

There are geese everwhere by  my work enterance! They apparently laid an egg right by the door so they just sit there and watch you when I go into work every morning.  I immediately though of Amy .  I know how you feel now.  Not fun!! They could come chasing me at any second.  I guess last year they laid an egg in the same spot and actually attacked someone at the same door.  Let’s pray they don’t do that to me one morning.  Gosh that’d be a tough way to start the day!

Monday I started off with a banana.  For some reason, bananas act almost the same way to me as a multi vitamin does.  If I eat a multi vitamin on an empty stomach, I get super nauseous for a couple of hours.  I’ve noticed that if I eat a banana on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, I get almost the same side effects of nausea.  Anyone have any idea why this is?  I can eat them at any other time of the day without a problem.  I love me some bananazas!

I went to McDonald’s to get a salad at lunch.  I went with the Southwest salad with grilled chicken, but I guess they figured I really wanted a bacon ranch salad with crispy chicken, because that’s what they gave me.  I ate it though and the crispy chicken is obviously way better than the grilled.  Too bad its double in fatso grams.

For dinner I made a sweet potato with baked beans.

…followed by a Smart Dog and ketchup with baked lays chips.

No exercise for me last night.  We were going to start a trial membership somewhere, but the BF ended up going to play basketball with his guy friends instead. It looks like it may have to be put back again until Wednesday now.  Instead of exercising, I just watched some reality trash shows and cuddled with my man Max.

Does anyone else watch Tough Love – Couples on VH1 I think?  My boyfriend and I love it for some reason.  It kind of feels like a free therapy session for us.  It sure makes us feel normal!

Have a good Tuesday!

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