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Banana Pancakes & Yogis

Posted Sep 14 2012 12:00am

I was training one of my favorite clients on Wednesday morning and she mentioned to me that she recently heard about these “pancakes” with one two ingredients—eggs and bananas. After our session she was going to make some and told me she’d let me know how they were. I got a call a half hour later and when I answered the phone I heard:


Okay, now Ella and I need to try these out for lunch.

I am all about simple food and simple recipes. Ella LOVES bananas, but she hates eggs. I have been trying to get her to eat eggs since before her first birthday. She just won’t. Any which way. It’s weird because it’s all I ate while I was pregnant with her. Eggs are such an easy, healthy, quick meal and considering I make just about EVERYTHING she eats (from scratch), eggs would be a nice quick food every now and then. I chop a lot of garlic and onions around here. Damn I must stink.

With this recipe, no onions, no garlic. The egg hating  can all change! Wait, could I now get Ella to eat one or two eggs by just adding a little banana? Hmmmm….


I decided to make them but add in a little cinnamon and vanilla. Not sure if it needed it, but it sure did give it an amazing flavor. Ella really enjoyed them. She ate almost half of the batch and then she was over it.


I just can not believe how big she is getting. She’s a KID! Where’s my little baby? I love it though. It just gets more and more fun and she gets cuter and cuter!


Back to the pancakes…

Very  tasty. They are so hard to flip so be prepared. The first couple are very tricky and you just have to take them for what they are. The taste is great, but don’t expect perfectly round, put together pancakes. There’s a definitely science to flipping these suckers.

Don’t expect them to be fancy looking.

Do expect your home to smell like warm baked banana bread!



    Print This!    

Grain-free Banana Pancakes


  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 very ripe banana
  • a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • coconut oil, for pan


Mash the banana. Whisk your eggs together. Add banana to eggs and beat in vanilla and cinnamon (or blend everything in a blender at low speed for a could seconds). Coat a pan with coconut oil and heat on medium-high heat. Carefully pour batter into pan in silver dollar sized pancakes. Flip once they are bubbling in center and on edges. They can get messy so be prepared. They are delicious and simple so it makes up for it!

Whomever invented these is a genius,

In other news, I start my yoga teacher training this weekend. I am really excited, yet kind of nervous. New experiences always make me feel a little anxious. I guess that is normal for most people though? I think I’m more nervous about getting into the city, beating traffic, avoiding the “badlands” and being on time than anything. As far as the actual training and becoming a teacher I am just trying to stay positive and allow myself to feel confident over being self conscious. When I start to doubt myself my anxiety level goes through the roof. I am reminding myself that I have been in this industry for 10 years, and eve though this is a whole new area, it will be great. I look forward to keeping you guys updated!


I am so grateful for my practice and even more grateful for Ang and the other teachers at Sol Yoga Studio . It may sound all corny but power  yoga changed my life. My first experience with yoga was 7 years ago and it wasn’t a fun one. I was turned off from going back to a studio and didn’t try it again for a few years. I practiced at home a lot, power  yoga works , enjoying it, but it was never the same as going to a studio. I had taken classes here and there but still wasn’t “in love” with it. I got pregnant, prenatal yoga was great for the baby and for my emotional well-being, but again, still not sold on the practice as a whole.

Then one weekend my mom and my future sister-in-law were talking about the new studio a friend I went to high school with opened. Everyone was supposed to sign up for class that Sunday morning, my brother, his fiancé, my mom, sister—but I was the only one that showed up the next day. The class was packed. This was something new, something I felt insecure about going into given my body was still not “my norm.” Then even though I felt anxious there was something about this class that made me feel at ease. The positive energy and motivation around me was so genuine, and it gave me confidence. I didn’t want to let myself down. When I wanted to give up or give in to my weaknesses I pushed through as much as I could. I gave it my very all.

My first power yoga class was the hardest yet most invigorating workout of my life. What a beautiful thing. I was about 5 1/2 months postpartum and still felt pretty weak overall. Getting through a workout like that—in 90 degree heat—well it kind of gave me my confidence back. Even though I struggled, I pushed through it. I reminded myself that it is individual to my own mat, to go at my own pace, and to do my best. I left that first day of class feeling incredible. I couldn’t wait to go back and do it again. Each practice is hard, and it doesn’t get easier—but I can measurably see how much stronger I’ve gotten. As someone who has been working out, have been through many types of workouts, has lifted heavy and done HIIT, kickboxing, circuit training, Krav Maga and bootcamps, you name it—power yoga was my yoga and fitness soul mate. Why did it take me so long in my career to realize that?


(first outdoor event the summer SOLstice..I’m the chick with the pale legs in a skirt on a day we did lots of hip openers & a camera man at every angle. Brilliant.)

photos courtesy of Sol’s facebook page


402846_403412589711887_1271122829_a 270684_403412613045218_805870124_n

Last weekend was Sol’s 1 year anniversary. Ang had a huge event and she should be so proud of what she has built. I am really not one to get all deep and mushy but I am so glad I found this practice. If you told me two years ago that my favorite workout would be power yoga AND that I was going to pursue my yoga teacher training I would have laughed. I used to look at yoga as a chore. Something I “had” to do each week to get something different in. A necessary part of flexibility training. I was notoriously tight all of the time no matter how much I worked on my flexibility.

Now, if I wanted to run (well, have been making myself once a week), I can without pain in my knees. I owe that to my yoga practice. I feel strong. I can do a handstand and get into crow. Nothing is perfect but it gets better each practice. Then it gets harder. But each time is different and my body always surprises me. Whether I can barely balance in dancer or do a handstand without using wall space—that’s what I love about it. There will always be a new challenge depending on where you are in your practice. It doesn’t get easier…it only gets better!


Have a great weekend!


What’s something you pushed through, out of your comfort zone that had a big impact on your life?

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