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Banana Bread Minute Muffin

Posted Oct 01 2012 10:03pm

Let's cut to the chase.

3 Ingredients. 2 Steps. 1 Minute.

Banana Bread Minute Muffin
-1/4C quick cooking oats
-1/2 mashed nanner (medium)
-1 egg white
-optional ad-ins: 1T dark chocolate chips, carob chips, etc.

1. Mix all ingredients together in a mug.
2. Microwave for a minute and 20 seconds. (if you microwave it too long it will get hard!)

The nutritional profile is pretty stellar (minus the chocolate): 146 calories, 7.1g protein, 27 carbs, 8 g sugar, 1.6g fat, 3.4g fiber. If you add the dark chocolate chips, your sitting at about 216 calories! #willsacrificeforchocolate

This is by far my favorite Minute Muffin thus far on my tangent of minute muffin recipes. I just absolutely LOVE banana bread and haven't been able to eat a whole lot of it since I went gluten free about 2 years ago.

 Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

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