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Banana, Banana, Banana

Posted Jun 01 2010 1:14pm


I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend full of booze and BBQ!  We’re in Boston and have been going nonstop pretty much right up to this moment that I am sitting here typing.  It took us a long time to get from NJ to Beantown, but that might be because we stopped at Crumbs !  In addition to the best thing I ever ate , we got these beauties too:

DSC05314 After some family time, we headed off to Newport for Eric and Connie’s wedding.  Eric lived across the hallway from me freshman year.  His roommate was Pete, and my roommate was Becca.  We’ve been tight ever since.

DSC05333 Pete’s getting married in August to Lindsay, who is such a blast!  They are a hilarious couple.


Dopiest smile ever:
  DSC05338 DSC05341 It was such a beautiful wedding, we had so much fun!  Oh, and I’m definitely pleased with my arms in this picture.  Usually, not so much.

Yesterday we barbequed!  There were lots of veggies.

DSC05344 Mini artichokes.

DSC05296 Chips and dips.

DSC05354 A ton of fruit.

DSC05353 DSC05346 DSC05350 Meat and salads, and just general fun.  We also celebrated Adam’s 3rd birthday!

DSC05365 I would love to post some adorable pictures of my beautiful niece and nephews, but I just don’t think that’s my place to do, even if their parents are fine with it.

Honestly, after this weekend, I need a nap!

I’m so incredibly late on this, but I took pictures that I never posted!  The baby is the size of a banana.  The title of the post is something from my brother.  A few years ago we were out to dinner at the place where we got married , and the wine was flowing.  The owner sent over some after dinner drinks, and somehow my brother started talking about how he wanted a pet monkey.  He thought it would be great to have a monkey who could write his papers for him, but decided it was a bad idea because all the monkey would write would be “banana, banana, banana, feces.”  Strange, but typical Justin.  It’s been a family joke ever since.  Anyway…

Week 21

Little man is about 10.5 inches head to toe and weighs around 12.7 oz.  His tastebuds are starting to work,  and he is drinking several ounces of amniotic fluid daily, both for hydration and nutrition.  After birth, many babies are interested in tastes they have experienced through amniotic fluid, so it’s a good thing I’m eating a ton of fruits, vegetables and whole grains!  He is also really active now, kicking me all of the time, or doing somersaults.  I love feeling him move!


Before I end this ridiculously long post, I wanted to point out that my outfit today makes me think of Mean Girls .  Don’t mind the hair.  I hadn’t bothered to dry or style it yet!

DSC05377 I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops.


How was your Memorial Day weekend?  What’s on tap for this short week?

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