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Ballroom Dancing and Half Marathon Training Plan

Posted Jan 10 2013 9:22am

Good Morning!

Happy Thursday!

I got in a quick 5 mile tempo run this morning before I head out to run errands. It consisted of 1 warm-up mile, 3 miles at 7.2 (~8:19pace) on the treadmill, and 1 mile cool-down. The legs felt pretty good and I was able to get through the 3 miles. I usually like to do speed-work on the ‘mill because it helps me hit the paces I want. When it gets a bit warmer out, I’ll start to mix my speed-work up between the treadmill and outside ;)

Before I get the day going, I wanted to share with you my half marathon training plan I created for my upcoming races. I regret not typing up my marathon plan considering I seem to have misplaced it :(

This week starts Week 1 of the plan. So far, I’ve followed it pretty well ;)

One of my goals this year is to PR in a half marathon. I’ve decided to shoot for my PR in the Rock n’ Roll USA 1/2 Marathon in March. I’m running this one during my spring break with my cousin who lives in MD and will be spending a few days with my friends in the DC area to see other family. A perfect time to achieve my goal ;)




Here’s a preview of my current plan …

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 2.53.25 PM To see the full 10-week plan , click the link! I will also post it on my Fitness and Running  page!

I made this plan solely off of my previous experience in my first half-marathon and what I’ve found works for me. I referred to for suggestions and formulated the plan on my own.

My 10-week plan includes 3 running days, 1 OFF day, and 3 cross train days (with the option of taking off depending how my body feels). I plan to do 1 day of speed work, 1 day of hills/easy, and 1 long run per week. I hope to be able to switch my speed work between intervals and tempos (as written in my plan), but the way my legs react to speed work sometimes isn’t always fun – i.e shin splints, tendonitis flare-ups. No worries, if I feel something isn’t right, I’ll do mostly tempo work ;)

I didn’t include it, but I will be doing 3 days of strength training per week – some with my runs, some on my cross-train days. For me, cross-training will most likely include spinning and ballroom dancing :)


That beings me to my next topic … MY FIRST BALLROOM DANCING LESSON!

On Monday, I headed over to Arthur Murray Dance School in a nearby town to attend my first lesson.

Since I haven’t taken any formal dance lessons since I was 6 years old and I don’t do any structured dancing right now, I was a little nervous of what to expect.

When I arrived, I was greeted by my instructor and immediately got to work. I filled out some paperwork, chatted with him about my experience, or lack there of, and headed to the dance floor. He showed me a few moves from three different dances and had me do them with him. As we moved across the floor, he evaluated me to see where I was at


I couldn’t believe how quick I caught on to the foot work and the movement around the floor! It was fun! After some practice, we chatted some more about what  I wanted to get out of this – competeing, for fun/workout, or just for the social aspects. I told him I definitely want to learn all that I can and I’d probably want it to be more like a workout/fun thing rather than just prancing around socially. I have my next lesson on Monday and cannot wait to learn more!

I feel that I am really going to enjoy it since it’s a new-to-me thing and challenges me in different ways. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have the desire to compete – but for now, I’m in it for the fun and look forward to learning how to dance! :)

Stay tuned for Ballroom dancing updates along the way!

Question: How are you doing with following your New Years Resolutions?

~ L

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