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Balancing Money – Pay Attention!

Posted Dec 08 2010 1:38pm

Yesterday was a cold day in New York City. I decided to ditch Starbucks today in favor of warming up quicker at a cute small cafe for my scheduled cup of coffee.

I asked the barista for a small cup of half decaf coffee. What I got was a decaf coffee that had half and half in it which totally goes against my dairy-free week .

MISTAKE #1 it was their fault but it didn’t bother me as I was only in the mood to have a bit. I just let it go . . .

The coffee was ~$2 and the cashier had $18 to give back. He took away $10 as if he gave me too much change.

I let him because I wasn’t . . .


MISTAKE #2 For some reason, I thought he gave me the wrong change too, but i was in my own little world. It was when I got to school when I was putting away my money that I realized what had happened. I honestly don’t think it was purposefully done as he was in his own little world too, but the shame is definitely on me and it is far too late to get my money back.

$10 is half my allowance and it’s only Tuesday!

If anything comes from this, I know I will always pay attention to the change I get back!

Time to let this go too . . . ;)

I know I’m not the only one who has gotten back less (or more) change than you were supposed to . . . What happened?


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