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Balance During the Holidays? 5 FitFluential Tips

Posted Dec 13 2011 2:00pm
This time of year is festive and busy! You have parties to attend, gifts to purchase, and holiday engagements left and right.  How do YOU find balance?


During the holidays, I want to do it all.  Decorate the house, go ice skating, see all the Christmas lights, create homemade, thoughtful gifts, sit by the fire (if we had a fireplace) and read a book, but I cannot clone myself. Throughout it all, I know I don't want to put on the traditional 5 - 7 lbs most Americans do this time of year.

I choose to be selfish and NOT give-up my workout time.  I know I am a better, more energetic person when I dedicate time to making my body stronger, more I can celebrate the holidays for years to come.

Even if it's bitter cold!


So, you can't exercise, host a party and wrap presents at the same time, can you?  Combine a couple activities.  For example, run a holiday race with your loved ones and meet afterwards for hot chocolate.  You get some quality time AND stay active.

Santa 5k 2010

3. REST.

Sleep is one of the first essentials we give up.  To function properly, to aid in muscle recovery & repair and to keep that youthful glow, find a way to squeeze in your 6-7 hours per night.

* Turn the computer off early.  Give yourself at least an hour before bed.  The screen lighting tricks our eyes into staying awake and alert.

* Build a nighttime routine for the holidays which could include taking a warm shower/bath and reading your favorite holiday book to wind down. 


Maintain your fitness/running routine. Remember my 7 tips post ?  Use a buddy or group class to hold you accountable.  Your body (and waistline) will thank you come January 1st!


Decide ahead of time, what your favorite splurges are during the holidays and give in.  Seasonal treats like peppermint ice cream and peppermint mocha's are my favorites this time of year, so I allow room.

* Balance a treat with a nutrient dense choice like spinach salad with all the fixin's including almonds, broccoli, chia, and apples.

* Incorporate a strength workout to amp up your metabolism for the next few hours the day of a holiday party.

* Bring a healthy dish to a gathering so YOU KNOW something will be available you can eat.

Ultimately, the holidays only happen once a year, so do your best to make them memorable and healthy!
What tips to you adhere to during the holidays? 
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