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Bake Sale and Yoga love

Posted Jan 01 2010 12:00am

Hey friends,

*for those of you who have emailed us or left us a question in the comment section we are working on getting back to each and every one of you soon :)

How is everyone? Everyone spreading the word about the great bake sale that is happening on The Chic Life!!!! It is a great cause to raise money for Haiti!

Now onto the fun stuff… food!

Yesterday morning started with our a delicious green smoothie

Jan 2010 pics more 386

Lunch was another smoothie made with our coconut kefir with some coconut oil, basil, stevia, and some lemon

Jan 2010 pics more 423

Don’t worry we did not have another green smoothie instead our mid-afternoon snack was this mouthwatering chocolate lovers delight

Jan 2010 pics more 452

Malted Chocolate avocado pudding! One of our best ones yet :)

Jan 2010 pics more 454

Sweetened with stevia and some dates.

Jan 2010 pics more 459

Pure Bliss! We love our raw cacao and carob! A girl can never have too much chocolate ;)

Now this snack is going to be hard to beat?!?!


Is 3pm too early to have a drink?!?!

Jan 2010 pics more 480

Just kidding. This is just our water kefir. Though we like to put in our wine glasses it helps make us feel classy and proper ;) We love it! Another great afternoon snack in our opinion! Great way to pump up our good bacteria!

Dinner was a little different for the both of us!

I had a very simple yet classy dinner – a mix of fermented veggies and sauerkraut mixed in a jar with lots of tahini about 2 tbsp worth :) Heather seriously made eating out of a jar so much fun! Thanks girl!

Jan 2010 pics more 502

My favorite condiment at the moment – TAHINI (always saves the day)

Jan 2010 pics more 500

Seriously raw tahini and raw fermented veggies go great together! Perfect marriage of flavors in my opinion!!!!

Lori wanted to be a little different! GASP! She was craving something a little warm.

Lori had a mix of her fermented veggies and sauerkraut though made a creamy veggie mash on the side!

Jan 2010 pics more 485

Topped the fermented veggies with some hemp seeds. A little ‘healthy fat’ booster to the meal!

Jan 2010 pics more 486

She just might share the recipe with you all ;) It is not your average mash!!!!

Jan 2010 pics more 488 I just had to take a bite! So good and creamy. Fantastic!

The remaining of the evening was boring! We just drank lemon water :) Nice!


Morning routine. Really enjoying our morning yoga sessions. We did try some yoga studios last week that we mentioned before though due to money reasons can’t go all the time. So we decided to create our own ‘yoga class’ at home and we do it almost every morning.

We get our yoga inspiration from these great ladies Averie, Heather, Jenna. Also my yoga love started with my friend Gina where we both fell in love with it while at 105 degrees and I know that Whit, Lori and Stephanie are all falling in love with yoga as well :) Look Averie at all the yoga love going around :) Hopefully soon Lori and I will be as good as you ;)

Lori and I have really been enjoying our yoga sessions every morning! We are realizing that it is a journey and a practice not something you become good at overnight. Yoga really helps calm us down and brings awareness to ourselves. It really has been strengthening not our body but also our minds :) Love that! I highly recommend incorporating some form of yoga into our daily fitness routine! Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Time for us to go watch some Oprah while we do some work. Going to be a good show today. Check it out.

And remember about the Haiti Bakesale!

Till next time,


The Twins


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