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Bad food blogger & Skin Type Solution review

Posted Jul 22 2009 11:18pm 1 Comment
First is first... I'm such a bad food blogger. I noticed that since I began the summer internship my food choice went down pretty fast. I don't know how you people do to have a full time job, workout and still manage to eat and take picture of your amazing food. My intention was there but my action didn't follow. When I get home at night I just want to spend <20 style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">

Breakfast: green monster with berries pie that I made with frozen blueberries and strawberries, topped with a crust made with oatmeal, flaxmeal, ABU and agave nectar, topped with more ABU and greek yogurt.
Dinner (both Monday and Tuesday): my latest obsession celery blended oatbran; stir-fry tomatoes with mushrooms, tofu and dry shrimps.
Dessert: KABOCHA!!! A big bowl of it! And Lindts Truffles. (they're good but I found them not as bitter as I like)

Book review:Skin Type Solution
About the author: She spent the last 10 years defining and clinically testing her Skin Type solution on thousands of patients at the University of Miami clinic to assure that her scientific criteria work for everything, of every skin color, ethnicity, age and sex. And it does.

Her system: measures four factors in skin: oiliness vs. dryness, resistance vs. sensitivity, pigmentation vs. non-pigmentation, and tightness vs. wrinkling. Determine where you fall in each of the four categories serves as the foundation for typing your skin. So, you need to fill out a questionnaire first to determine what's your skin type and then she writes a chapter for your skin type with what you should pay more attention; what products to use and avoid and a detailed routine of your skin care with a list of products that you can find easily and cheap.
This book will save you the expense, trouble and waste of buying the wrong products. Her recommendations are ingredient driven. She's reviewed the clinical trial data for the products when available.

Some skin care myth that she talked abou t: the more expensive a product, the better it will work. Totally not true according to her because what you pay when you buy big brand's product is its bottle not its ingredient. What you actually get is exactly the same cream, just in different container with different marketing strategy.

My take of the book: I really like it. What she says makes sense to me. And because of her expertise in the area (she direct the university of Miami cosmetic center, the first university run cosmetic research center in the US. She's the first cosmetic dermatologist in the US dedicated to the field of cosmetic dermatology who is also a full time university faculty member, teaching and conducting research), I can trust that she know what she's talking about. Her recommendation is really skin type specific and she gives a list of products that you could purchase. They all work and most of them are really cheap. I've already began the routine that she recommended for my skin type and I already notice that my skin is clearer and less break outs. So, girls.... get this book and begin to GLOW!!!

Question: Do you know what's your skin type? What's your skin routine? How much do you usually spend?
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My take of the book: I really like it. What she says makes sense to me. And because of her expertise <gt;
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