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Bad Fat Doesn't Always Mean a Big Ass - Targeting High Cholesterol

Posted May 13 2010 11:31am
Yes I have absolutely been tardy with my postings. 
That being said - I'm kind of proud of myself.
I am an A type. You know like to win, like to speak last, like to dance on tables the best - you get the idea. 
But lately (the entire last 6 months) - my work, my kids, my home and crazy life stuff has made my need and fun stuff take a backseat. 

I was way done on my list of priorities. 

Hmm. Not anymore.

So I am late with my postings because I've been getting pedicures, taking longer runs and buying spring fashions at H&M.

Now if the fricking weather would just warm up.

Spring is great for making yourself a top priority again, I know some mornings it's hard to believe but your sanity and thighs are actually more important that your kids nutella breakfast most of the time.

if your life and health sucks - your entire familie's life sucks. 

Okay on to a popular topic - How to reduce high cholesterol nutritionally....

First why do you have high cholesterol?

Top Factors:

  • Dietary factors - you eat tons of animal product, you graze on trans fat baked goods and don't know what nuts are
  • Lifestyle factors - you sit on your ass when you should be shaking it and you do caffeine instead of yoga
  • Genetic factors - this sucks because you can't control this as much - blame your parents.

We know that having high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes and general indicator of your lifestyle and diet needing improvement.

What you can do today: 

Cholesterol is cleared out of your blood stream by being excreted - yes your ass can lower cholesterol if it's given the right tools.

  • Eat more high fiber foods - it sweeps up the extra cholesterol and you poop it out
  • Eat less fatty cuts of red meat, processed meats, lard and other saturated fats
  • Increase good fats like nuts, flax seed oil, olive oil 
  • Avoid refined grain goods and baked goods
  • Avoid salty foods
  • coffee and pop don't help 
  • Eat more chicken and lean red meat

Things you need to do to help lower cholesterol:

  1. Exercise everyday - not a lot but move - exercise improves how your body process dietary fat so it's key. It raises the HDL or good cholesterol.
  2. Go to your annual check up with your doctor - know your numbers...
  3. Eat more plant based foods  - limit meat to a few times a week 
  4. Cut out refined sugar and trans fats
  5. Take 1 tablespoon of flax oil or fish oil each day
  6. Chill out
You don't have to be fat to have high cholesterol it has more to do with what you eat and what you do not how you look.

In fact some of my skinniest clients have high cholesterol. 

okay if you seriously want to kick bad cholesterols ass here are some more things you can look into:

  • add garlic to your daily diet
  • there has been a correlation in studies made between low vitamin C and high cholesterol. So vitamin C can't hurt
  • Niacin can be amazingly helpful but must be dosed and diagnosed by someone who knows what they are doing. Don't do this one on your own - it creates a niacin flush that will make you look like you've spent two weeks on a beach without sunscreen, 

Have a good fat and ass day!

Eat an avocado.

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