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Bad Breath Solution In A Natural Way

Posted Aug 12 2008 4:21pm
by Doug Taylor

Sometimes, no matter how much you brush your teeth, floss or use mouthwashes, there’s just no stopping the bad breath. Solution after solution, it is devastating to get caught by the curse of halitosis - not to mention - downright embarrassing to talk to people and see their faces contort to a disgusted expression. This truly makes the idea of living a hermit’s life tempting.

But before you decide to live a solitary life remember that you are not the only person in the world with this problem. Everybody has problems with their breath at some time or another. It is just more of a problem for some people and there is not a bad breath solution that seems to save the day.

People believe that food, or whatever we put in our mouth, has something to do with bad breath. It is a factor. Although it is not what type of food we eat, but how much of these food’s particles are left in our mouth. Bacteria do feast on them, which is why our breath becomes unbearable at times. But this is no reason to starve yourself, because you can actually eat your way out of this stinky dilemma.

Breakfast cannot only give you energy to last you through the day, but it also gets rid of that ugly smell from your mouth. You see, when we sleep, our mouths become inactive and bacteria activity goes into hyper-drive. This is why our breath smells disgusting in the morning.

Skipping breakfast and leaving the stomach empty causes digestive halitosis or bad breath due to the actions of the digestive enzymes. The natural juices or enzymes still continue to process even without food to digest. This affects the lining of the stomach, which gives off a stench. Digestive halitosis usually goes away as soon as we chew on something.

Water is a natural cure for bad breath. When we eat or drink coffee, tea or alcohol for example, residues attach themselves to the mucus in our mouths and breed odor-causing bacteria. Drinking water, especially during meals, flushes these out, leaving less room for bacteria to do their dirty job.

A great natural cure for bad breath is to eat a lot of citrus fruits. They act like the salvia which helps naturally leave your breath smelling better. Salvia helps keep your mouth moist and acidic which helps make it hard for the bacteria to survive. Another plus is the taste of this fruit will help leave your mouth feeling more clean and refreshed.

Items that are rich in chlorophyll such as wintergreen or parsley can help get rid of your problem for quite a while. When you breathe these natural wonders could be considered instant breath fresheners. Looking at the other side there are some foods that will produce the opposite effect.

Instead of depending on commercial mouthwashes, find a bad breath solution from home remedies. To treat bad breath make a mouthwash out of herbs like eucalyptus, cardamom and fennel. These herbs work as antiseptics to rid the mouth of bacteria and help in digestion, leaving the breath smelling fresh every time.

Whether using different foods as home remedies to treat bad breath or not, good oral hygiene always works as a bad breath solution. Keeping our mouths clean of odor-causing bacteria guarantees a breath of fresh air.

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