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Back to work!

Posted Jan 05 2010 8:12pm

Hey my sweet bloggies!! How is everyone doing? I hope you are all having a fantastic week so far. Getting closer to the weekend ;) I started getting up and doing the morning workout thing again. 6am! not too bad compared to my 4:45am workouts from before. (Now that was tough for me!) but 6 is waay more reasonable. My body likes this as I found I have the best workouts in the morning. Nice and fresh and no food in the tummy yet. So makes for a fab workout sesh!

Just a quick note but do you ever notice that when January rolls around there are a TON of ads stating claims like “Eat this and lose weight!” “Lose 10 lbs in 3 weeks!” etc etc…They are always around I just notice they are really kicking come January. I think its weird since I don't think there's any “miracle” weight loss plan. Do you ever notice all these ads too? Crazy I tell ya!

But I digress…my workouts always leave me hungry. So of course I had my oats for breakfast (no pic since I ate these at work) and for lunch and big salad complete with vegan slaw dressing! Does this ever get old? Apparently not cause I eat it every single day!


Always a winner in my book. Moving on though, I spiralized my little heart out for dinner tonight.


I was using up veggies in the fridge so sauteed up some leftover turnips and cauliflower and then tossed in the zucchini noodles. Added in tons of garlic, onion powder, some Braggs and hot sauce. Then once on the plate I topped it with tomatoes and some eggplant hummus. Sounds like a weird combo with the braggs, hot sauce and hummus but it turned out super good! Kinda salty, spicy and smokey all in one bite.


And again Im in the squash and almond butter. I just ate my way through my second Kaboucha this week so far. And now I have to make an emergency run to the market for more..


I sat down with my big steamin bowl of squash and watched Tabitha's Salon Takeover. I needed to turn the brain off for a little tonight and just veg. It amused me for a bit!


Later on I indulged in some chocolate raw balls right out of the freezer. Dark chocolate with an almond piece inside and rolled in coconut. Sooo good.

Im kinda get on food kicks at times. Where I just crave the same thing all the time! Do you ever get food cravings? If so what food kicks are you on? I think right now mine are pretty much all the foods listed. Ha! Although since Im running out of those staples Im gonna get a bit more creative tomorrow!


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