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Back to Work Monday Motivation

Posted Nov 26 2012 6:44am

Hello and HAPPY MONDAY! Today I go BACK TO WORK! I have been away from my office for 10 DAYS and I am ready to return to a “normal” routine. I am really ready to start some kind of “activity” again, but I am waiting on doctor’s go ahead. I see him on Thursday.

I wish I could say I had a great night’s sleep to start the week of right. Unfortunately I was up and down all night. Luckily today will be about planning and catch up at work – no client meetings. I think my leg knows we are going back to work. It hurt during the night like it hasn’t hurt before.

Saturday and Sunday were both calm and relaxing. I got a lot of housework done, a lot of IIN health coach studying done, got a little more organized, entered some 31 orders, etc. While I felt like I could get out and about, hubby is now sick with a bad cold (or worse). So, I stayed home to be close to him. He was so fabulous after my surgery that I wanted to be here for him.

Let’s Get Motivated

I love this one – mainly because I am ready to start lifting weights again. Sadly, I am guessing it will be a while before I get to do my favorite – the leg press. Just don’t be afraid of the weight machines or free weights. They are so good for you – especially for women. Get out there and pump some iron!

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

The meaning behind this one is that it is not just your time in the gym, but what you are doing/eating during the day. I will say that if you stop stressing about your weight, it will be better. I gave myself “time off” during the last 10 days due to surgery and Thanksgiving. Surprisingly when I got on the scales this morning, my weight was at the LOWEST it has been in a while.

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

Ate everything on Thanksgiving and the days following? Don’t beat yourself up. Nobody is perfect. Just get back on track today.

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

Are you ready to committed? What are you committing to for the week?

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

This is what I will be committing to this week – DRINKING MORE H2O. I also want to start wearing my FitBit again. I forget to wear it when I am at home.

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

What’s motivating you this week? What are you committing to?

Enjoy your day! Wish me luck back at work!

Original article: Back to Work Monday Motivation

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