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Back to the gym

Posted Sep 10 2011 9:50pm

Today was a jam-packed day!  I started it off with my German lesson.


By the time it ended, my stomach was growling.  I whipped up this bowl of shirataki pasta with veggies and shrimp, laughing cow cheese and red pepper tapenade.


Do those shrimp look a little funny to you? 


That’s because… they are veggie shrimp!


I saw them at the store last week and was intrigued.  I was actually a little nervous to try them, because the concept sounded weird.  Vegetarian shrimp?  I don’t know…

But they were delicious!  They tasted a lot like the imitation crab flakes (made with surimi) – a little bit of sweetness to them.  They probably won’t be on my regular rotation, because I love real shrimp and I was a little disappointed with the low amount of protein in them, but I would definitely get them again if they were on sale.


After lunch, S and I did some lounging watching some tennis.  S, of course, was rooting for Federer and was sad when he lost.  I was just kind of glad the match was over so that we could finally leave the house and go do something!

While we watched tennis, JB had some entertainment of his own.  The hummingbirds have been visiting our feeder non-stop!





He was in heaven!  He couldn’t take his eyes off them.


When the match was finally over, we made a quick trip to the library, to return our books and get some new ones.


Next we stopped at Petroglyph to pick up our glazed and fired pottery pieces from last weekend .






I can’t wait to eat off my new plate!

After Petroglyph, we made a Costco run.  The main purpose?  Picking up a new gym membership!

I’ve been slacking in the exercise department recently.  My gym membership expired in the beginning July, and I didn’t renew it because the truth was that I hadn’t been going very often at all the months prior.  And I was focusing on my Sunday long runs in final preparation for the San Francisco Marathon.  Since the marathon, however, I have basically done nada.  With the exception of 2 long runs, pretty much the only exercise I have engaged in has been…well…  I went hiking once!

S, also, has been limited in his physical activity.  So we both picked up a 2-year voucher for the gym we used to belong to, 24-Hour Fitness. 

ScreenHunter_02 Sep. 10 22.38

Here’s to 2 years of gym going!  *Fingers crossed*

I also picked these up at Costco:


New comfy slippers.  JB approved!


Now S and I are going out to dinner.  Tonight’s dinner and a movie night!

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