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Back to the gym…

Posted Dec 12 2010 11:24pm

Sorry to leave the sleep training post dangling on it’s own for so long…the weeks are going by so quickly and I haven’t taken the time to sit down and write about anything lately.  But never fear, I actually have something to write about tonight!  And, it’s not baby related!  It’s not exactly running-related either, but I DO have some exercise to report!

Yep, last Friday I got back on the horse and hit the gym for the first time since Riley came along.  Our local YMCA has a great ‘mommy and me’ type fitness class where your kids are welcome and pushing them around in their strollers is incorporated into the class.  I did this class for months between Marcus and Riley and since the instructor is really good, the class actually provided a great workout.  (Not like some of the other sappy mommy-fitness classes I’ve been to before)

Anyhow, it had been three weeks since Riley was born and I was feeling really good physically.  Not ready to hit the pavement running yet, but definitely good enough to try some exercise classes.  So I did.  And it went great.

I made sure to take it easy and modify, modify, modify.  As great as I feel, the ol’ bod still isn’t up to snuff and many of the exercises and drills were a bit too much for me at this point.  But, I got in lots of speed walking and light jogging, squats, lunges and upper body exercises.  Despite feeling embarrassingly sore the next day, it felt great to get out and do something active again!

Having just a little taste of activity leaves me wanting for more.  And to top it all off, there was some pretty heavy running talk at book club the other night and it was killer to not be able to add anything to the mix since I haven’t done any running lately.  However, it leaves me feeling really motivated to get back on the road as soon as I’m ready.  The general rule of thumb after a baby is to wait until at least 6 weeks to do anything active, so I’ll see how I’m feeling at that point and test things out a bit to see if I’m ready to slide back into running again.  Hopefully all is well by then because after talking with my book club girls, all I can think about are the races I want to do this year and about how much I miss everyone from my run club.

And just an aside, the sleep training continues.  Big guy #1 (aka Marcus) is doing great with it, still a bit of protest at bed time, but at least he’s sleeping soundly through the night again and in his big boy bed to boot!

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