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Back to Basics

Posted Apr 24 2012 1:49pm

I was sitting here last night, editing photos and thinking to myself, “you realize you are the most scatterbrained woman on the face of the Earth, right?”

It’s true. I am. I haven’t even been blogging regularly and I’m editing photos.

I’ll be honest with you all, over the past few days since my post announcing that I’d be running my first half marathon in Chicago this July, I’ve been clearing my mind with photography. It’s been pretty peaceful spending some time photographing all the beauty that comes alive here in the springtime. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from friends and family about my prints, and I’ve decided to start up a small, on-the-side Etsy business selling them. I’m not going to plug that, yet, until I’ve got it set and ready to go. I will, however, shamelessly plug my Facebook photography page and beg for your ‘likes’. ;) Introducing Melissa Durham Photography .

Just a few prints I’ve done over the past couple of days:

rhododendron, floral closeup

rose petals, floral closeup, raindrops on flowers

clematis, floral closeup

vintage rose, raindrops

Okay. There. Onto other business.

Since my announcement, I’ve been focusing on two things – a. taking it easy on my ankle to ensure that I did not, in fact, mess it up and b. getting back to basics.

Getting back to basics is something that I feel is pretty necessary for most of us to do once in a while, because we get caught up in all the “hoopla” of trying new techniques, new workouts, and pushing ourselves that much harder. I’m feeling pretty confident about how things are panning out by taking this approach, because when my twelve-week Higdon training starts, it’s the first week of no classes. Yeah, that means I’m currently heading into finals week…and guess who sees herself graduating next month with a nice, big, fat 4.0?! This girl!!! I’ve been busting some serious butt, and it has definitely shown in my lack of blogging material, but that’s all about to change! You may even start getting sick of me. ;)

Again, I’m scatterbrained…I totally went off topic.

Back to basics. I start my twelve week plan on Monday, and I’ve gotten a few basic runs in since I announced my race. I’ve hit them slow and steady, focusing on keeping a slower, steady pace and going longer. I’m doing thing, because I need to train my brain to remember that for this first race, I’ve already hit a PR. It’s called actually running a half marathon. So I’m thrilled just about that. I plan to do my best as far as running the entire race, but I’m not afraid to take it easy either. I’m doing this for me, so I’m doing this on my own terms. 

I’ve also gotten back into something else – yoga. For the first time ever, I actually focused while doing yoga in my own living room. I slowly pushed my weakened upper body through all the sun salutations, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m getting better at plank and transitioning into cobra and upward dog, which is a big deal for me. I can bang out some major warrior poses and balance poses, but anything requiring the use and opening up of the upper body? Forget it. That’s a goal of mine, too, this summer: upper body improvement. (I think it’s safe to say that I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I’ll put it this way: interlacing my hands behind my back? Barely. Leaning forward with them like so in order to open up my shoulders? Doesn’t happen. Yet.)

Back to basics feels amazing to me. Focusing on the simplicity of just listening to my body, moving slowly and fluidly, and really centering my attention on form has seriously helped me “warm up” for what’s to come. Yoga will definitely be accompanying my half training, because I’m finding it the best way to work my lower body without exhausting it.

Oh, and because I totally plan to run in a tank top…which I’ve never done before.


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