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Back Running . . . Getting out of a rut

Posted Jul 08 2013 5:31pm
Picture Half way point on my running route. Beautiful isn't it? Something happened to me last week.  Something pretty cool.  I went out for a run and it felt good.  Actually, better than good.  I loved it and it made me happy.  It happened on more than that first run, too.  

That might not sound like anything exciting, but for the past year I have pretty much stopped running.  I haven't considered myself a runner in quite a while.  Don't get me wrong, I would still go for a short run now and then.  I'd get on the treadmill and get a few miles in and would enjoy some Tabatas, but to run was mainly when I didn't have another option and it was never fun.  It always felt like I was running through mud.  My legs felt heavy and I felt slow and every step felt like a chore to just get through.  I couldn't wait for the miles and minutes to pass.  I'm quite ashamed to admit this.

After running a half marathon last Spring,  I didn't jump right back in, and for some reason, when I did it was wasn't the same.  The endorphin high didn't come.  I was bored.  I wanted to be doing just about anything else.  That's not really a good thing for someone who is supposed to encourage others to get moving, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.  I wasn't sure if it was a rut that just wouldn't go away.  Was it just in my head or maybe was I getting old?  That was a depressing thought.  Either way I didn't give it much thought, but found other ways to get cardio exercise and the endorphins going.  I will admit that I did miss enjoying a good run, though.   

So, I'm hoping this "rebound" or new found "umph" for lack of a decent description, is here to stay.  I'm already planning a new route for tomorrow.  I'm just happy to look forward to running again.  

There are some articles on getting out of a running rut.  If  you are in one you might want to check them out here .  I'll be honest and say I didn't really instigate a plan for this and didn't make an attempt to get out of my own rut.  It's like I almost forgot what I was missing - or I knew but just thought it was gone for good.  So, I'm wondering and hoping it's here to stay . . . and wondering if any of you have had the same experience.    I'd love some feedback!

If you are a runner, have you ever had a break like this?  Had a long rut?  Did you make a plan to get out of your rut?  Did it last?  See, I have lots of questions!

And, Lang, you get the FrogFuel Giveaway!  Yeah!!

Happy Monday to all!
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