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Back in Time at the Tide Pools + Sexy Back Exercises!

Posted Sep 03 2013 7:38am


Hello POPsters!!

How was your Labor Day? I decided it was a good day to go visit the tide pools at Abalone Cove in Palos Rancho Verdes. I didn’t realize that it had been 6 years since I’ve been back!! Ugh. I’ve been meaning to go every year since my first field trip there as a junior in college taking Marine Bio. That class was so much fun. I also learned in that class that I get supppppeeerrr sea sick. Never again shall I boat without taking those motion sickness pills!


Here I am getting ready to do a mini hike to the rocks! How ya like my high bun and retro glasses? Tryin’ real hard to be hipster. And oh look, it’s my signature hair band bracelet. How many of you fitness people do this too?


Unfortunately, it’s been a while since my Bio days so I did not check the tide. Obviously, I went at the high tide. Couldn’t really see any critters plus there were soooooo many people there considering it was a holiday! So you know what I just spent the last hour doing? I scoured through my old facebook photos to find pics from January 2007 to show you what I actually wanted to share with you! Here my friends, is what you’re supposed to see at a tide pool:

marine bio abalone cove

I remember being sooooo amazed at the animals we saw in the pools that day as a marine bio student! Do you see the sea anemone, sea stars (starfish), and sea urchins? Is it gorgeous?

marine bio abalone cove 2

Sea star MONSTERS!!!!

marine bio sea urchins

Be sure not to step in THAT pool! But if you do, take my mom’s advice. To ease the pain of the sting, pour urine on the injury. It helps clean the wound, but obviously, you still need to go see a health care professional for further treatment!

cassey marine bio

And here’s me with some of my classmates! Haha look at those small sunglasses and that weird outfit combo. Such a bio student.

Aww what a nice trip down memory lane. My science days had their good times and their bad (studying for finals OMG) but this was def one of the good ones. Shout out to my professors at Whittier College for being awesome leaders of learning. I enjoyed going to a small school (especially for science) because the professors knew who I was and I was able to talk to them like a student, not a mere number in a lecture hall.

Oh! And this is what the post was supposed to start out with but I got sidetracked with my wildlife pics. My lovely friend Kim of Arthlete just illustrated me doing the Back on Fire routine! ( Click to see video. ) This is fab for sculpting a svelte exit when wearing a cool bralette or backless dress.

back on fire small 1

back on fire small 2

Click to enlarge and print.

My fave bralette to wear at the moment is this Chiyo Top from Brandy Melville:

brandy melville bralette

Also, I was thinking, do you want me to do a monthly Faves video? I actually have quite a few things I want to share with you that I think you MUST know about! Please let me know how your day of was and also what your are majoring in or majored in when you were in school! I’d love to know. And do you like it?

Have a marvelous Tuesday! Your workout today is:


Congrats to Dietbetters! Hope you weighed-in, your game starts today! If anyone wants to join, you still can!

Okie dokie, better get to bed. Yes that screen shot from my phone is the actual time. And I need to charge my phone!

<3 Cassey

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