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back in the saddle

Posted May 11 2011 10:27pm

Well I’m back in the running saddle.  Although I would say it was more like back in the saddle of a tiny, bumpy little donkey.

I felt like a rhino clomping along on the treadmill and the miles crawled by.

I forced myself to stay on for 5 miles and it took about 51 minutes.  Note to self: do not take a week off from running, ever again.  Unless I’m quitting forever.   Or hurt.  Or on my honeymoon in Italy and you are too busy eating pizza and drinking wine.   Plus you forgot your sneakers. 

OK, there are obviously exceptions.  This was not one of them.  

After the painful run I completed the 30 Day Shred Level 2 while catching up on the DVR.   It was 99% full, which ONLY happens when BMB is out of town.    I forget to turn the TV on when I’m here by myself. 

After the Shred I had to lay on the floor for a few minutes before I could get in the shower.   Then I almost poked my eye out putting on eyeliner, which is the true sign of a good workout.   I know you must be thinking, eyeliner, on a Wednesday?? Shouldn’t she be putting on the monkey pjs?  I will get to that, but much later.   Tonight I am meeting BMB for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Chicago: Volare.

Volare is rare in that it is relatively unknown for being located one block off of Michigan Ave.  It’s small, dark, and they remember you there.   Though that could have more to do with the fact that we go there at least once a week in the summer time.   Oh, and the food is deeeeeeelicious.   Details.

I met BMB at the restaurant and papparizied him as he was walking from his office. 

Once seated we dug into the bread and olive oil.  

This stuff is dangerous.

I started with a small house salad.

For my entree I ordered the cheese tortellini in the  Aglio-Olio sauce (garlic and olive oil with crushed red pepper). 

You can see the chunks of garlic mixed in.   Vamps, you stand no chance against me tonight. 

Dinner was so nice and relaxing, not to mention delicious.

Chillin’ with my doggy bag and waiting for the t-boomer to pass.

BMB and I both have hectic schedules and this summer it’s only going to get crazier.   It was nice to just have a conversation without someone rushing off somewhere (or falling asleep).  

We made a pit stop at Dominic’s on the way home to pick up a tasty treat for the girls.

DSC03979 DSC03978

Such daddy’s girls.  The funny part is that Waffles meows and meows and acts like she’s so excited for some wet food and then she refuses to even take a bite.

One time only I bought a flavor that she liked and I’m now plowing through each brand can by can to find it.   They only get wet food on special occasions so it could be awhile. 

So sleepy – cue the monkey PJs.  Thank goodness they have an elastic waist. 

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