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Back in the Saddle: B2B T-minus 18 & 17

Posted Jul 05 2013 10:07pm

After a nice week of recovery from completely blistered feet, a swollen shut eye, and a sliced open foot, it was time to regroup and figure out what to do and where to go from here.  I had already registered for Augusta 70.3, but was looking for another fall race–hopefully a cool race.  After much debate between Rev3FL and Beach 2 Battleship half, I decided on a trip to Wilmington.

There are many things that make me excited for B2B: I have a good record with Setup Events Halfs, I have a lot of family in Wilmington, it’s an easy 4ish hour drive from Aug, and I can take my pupperoos.  Oh, and did I tell you it’s normally cool?  Yea, that’s important too.

I’ve decided that B2B on October 26th will be my fall A race and August 70.3 on September 29th will just be a long, well supported, very expensive training day.  And, after regrouping and selecting my next A race, it was time to get back at it with training.  The first week back at it (just the second week after Eman) was tough.  I felt like crap and had zero motivation.  Every swim workout was a mental battle to stay in the pool.  Every run was a mental battle to keep myself running through *just the next block*  and then the next.  And I was dropped on the hills every. single. ride.

Even with all that, I managed a double digit training week.

Week T-18 6/17/13

Swim 2:37 7874 yards
Bike 6:06 112 miles
Run 1:17 9 miles
Strength 0:00 (oops)
Total: 10:01

And after my legs got 2-3 weeks out from Eagleman, they started to get a bit of spunk and things were easier the next week.  Not *easy*…but easier.

Week T-17 6/24/13

Swim 2:49 8343 yards
Bike 5:20 95.54 miles
Run 2:47 17.42 miles
Strength 1:15
Total: 12:11

Ok, gotta get myself out on the road now.   I slept ALL day today!  ALL DAY, seriously.  What else is a 4th of July holiday for if not sleeping all day? :)

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