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Back From The Brink of Death With Vitamin C

Posted Oct 29 2010 10:09am

Vitamins and nutritional supplements are not and cannot treat or cure any health condition. Having said that, the best source of nutrition for your health, good or bad, is from plant-based sources. Interpretation: eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, grapes, berries, and the like to keep yourself healthy and help in the healing process when dealing with any health condition.  This is why we recommend Juice Plus +, because you need nutrients from those foods and it contains such from a variety of them. There are a couple of vitamins that work well on their own, even in synthetic form. Here's the remarkable story of how vitamin C changed one man's life --

The story of Allan's recovery has become known as "one of the most remarkable and controversial turnarounds in New Zealand medical history." And for good reason.

It's not every day someone walks away from the brink of certain death.

What makes this story even more remarkable, is the fact that once admitted to the hospital with swine flu, Allan was also diagnosed with leukemia, which dramatically worsened his chances of recovery. Vitamin C expert Dr. Thomas Levy initially sent me Allan Smith's case report over a year ago, and I'm thankful for his contributions to this follow-up article as well.

Dr. Levy is the author of several books, including Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins, and Stop America's #1 Killer, a book about vitamin deficiency and heart disease. He's also written extensively on topics such as dental toxicity issues from mercury amalgams and root canals, vaccine safety, and the clinical uses of vitamin C for infectious diseases.

Dr. Levy went to New Zealand in the middle of the furor following the 60-Minutes program about Allan's case and gave a PowerPoint presentation, "Vitamin C: The Facts, the Fiction, and the Law." This presentation is available on the home page of his website , along with more information about vitamin C use.
The Smith family had contacted him for advice, and he'd referred them to John Appleton in New Zealand. Appleton provided a lot of information on vitamin C and referred the family to CAM (Centre for Advanced Medicine), in Auckland. According to Dr. Levy, adequately dosed vitamin C, to his knowledge, has never failed to cure an acute viral syndrome, and Allan's case couldn't be a better demonstration of the curative power of vitamin C.

Not only did the vitamin C cure Allan's swine flu infection, but after spending nine weeks in an induced coma, he walked out of physical rehab after 13 days as opposed to the predicted three months. Even more astounding, today, just over a year later, he also has no further signs of leukemia...

The Allan Smith New Zealand Vitamin C Organization is now dedicated to supporting patients' rights to receive high dose vitamin C in hospitals, if they request it. The website, , also includes the original TV3 60-Minute program about Allan's story. ( )

Comments: Eat a healthy diet for best supporting your health.

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