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Back from Georgia

Posted Mar 08 2010 12:00am

I’m back in town, back to school, and back to reality … how settling right

While I was gone I was able to experience a ton of first’s in my life which was a lot of fun.

I am the type of person that does not do anything unless it has been planned out, I always have a routine, I’m basically a tiny bit anal retentive so deciding on a whim to go to Georgia was something exciting in the first place and then not being in my element throws me off guard but I did it and it was FUN something I need to have more often.

I went to a town in Georgia about 15 minutes away from Augusta Georgia.  I had never been to Georgia and I really enjoyed it. The country is so beautiful. If only it was a little warmer and there was a beach in walking distance I would be in heaven living in the country with tons of acres and fun stuff to do.

The car ride was 7 hours but was not bad at all and pretty relaxing knowing that I was no where near school nor any problems.  The town in Georgia was where we stayed was very country but the land was beautiful. While there I went on a run Saturday and Sunday on country roads, fed horses, ate great food, visited family friends of the people I went with, enjoyed great company, and went to a heavy metal ? not sure if that’s what it would be called concert of sorts.

Onto the part everyone is waiting for

I did not take pictures of everything I ate because I was with people I had never met before and I am still very new with this blog thing therefore whipping out my camera to take pictures of my food was nerve racking and not something I was ready to expose. I did however snap a few pictures once I got a little more comfortable.

Things I ate that were not pictured was half a slice of pizza from this really cute pizza place in downtown Augusta. They had a great outside area where we sat and although it was a little chilly the sun kept us warm. The place is called The Pizza Joint and it has great prices for HUGE slices of pizza. The pizza was not amazing but it was good, cheap, and the atmosphere is really fun I would def. like to go back.

I also had a chicken gyro at a place in Augusta called Dino’s Chicago Express . It was probably one of the best gyro’s I have had and their fries were pretty dang good. I also had a bite of a chicago style hot dog.

I snacked on a bunch of miscellaneous things throughout the weekend, I never really ate big breakfast’s, just some fruit and coffee and my lunch’s and dinner’s were full of great country food.

Friday for lunch we went to a place called Neil’s BBQ. They are open from 9 a.m. until dinner time and they have a sign that says open on Saturday until run out of BBQ.

Yes, their BBQ is that good it was one of the best BBQ sandwiches I have ever had hands down. It was SO dang good. I know my bbq and this was great bbq. It was the perfect mixture of sweet and tangy from the vinegar. I like sweet red sauce bbq and I like vinegar base bbq but this was a great combination. It was better than the bbq I get when I go with my grandparents to Florida and that is saying something.

Friday afternoon we went to a Mexican Restaurant around 5:00 with family but did not eat because we knew we were going to be eating dinner later. While the people we were with ate I snacked on a few chips.

Dinner Friday night was baked ham ( very good), dressing ( shredded chicken, cornbread , biscuits, other stuff I don’t remember), and green beans. My father would be so jealous of my weekend.

Saturday we went to Dino’s and then Saturday night had an awesome chicken dinner and a perfect ending of chocolate dessert. For dinner we had marinated grilled chicken that was so juicy and flavorful, feta and tomato mixture, sprouts, lettuce, and a killer yogurt sauce. It was a recipe from Paula Dean. Her chicken Pita’s. We also had a really ripe cantaloupe and grapes. The pita was so good. I went back for seconds without hesitation.

For dessert B.S. , his mom , and I all shared this slice of chocolate creme pie. It was heaven in my mouth. We did a good job at sharing so none of us felt like to much of a lard afterward. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful dinner.

Sunday morning we got up, I drank my coffee, B.S. and I went on a 1.7 mile run up a huge A** hill that kicked both our butts and then fed the horses and packed to leave for a long 7 hour car ride back to Virgina. Before we left there was one place his mom said we HAD to stop because it you can’t leave Georgia without these things and she was right it was a treat. We went there for lunch and to get some for the ride home.

I know most of you have probably heard of this before : Krystal’s :)

The burgers are so cute and B.S. said I had to try a chili pup so I did and I want another one. The chili pups really are great. I had two cheese krystal’s and a chili pup which was supposed to have cheese on it but they forgot. It was ok though because cheese hates me so I was not upset at all about it.

Also on the ride home I split a white chocolate Reese’s cup B.S., I had a Elmer Fudge Cheesecake cookie ( addicting and to die for – and I usually do not like packaged cookies),and  a piece of a K.F.C biscuit. For dinner that night I did not end up eating until late because I had a little issue that has not been settled but flustered me and I did not get hungry until about 9:30. I ate leftovers from a friends house. They were very good and I had a little of everything. Grilled bbq chicken, green beans, spaghetti casserole, slice of a roast, and some homemade scallop potatoes. I’m sorry I did not take a picture it looked really good and tasted even better. I also enjoyed a Yuengling last night.

I have to go to class now and I’m probably going to make it just on time. I will continue to post about the weekend and explain a little more later. Hope everyone had a good weekend and if your on spring break this week like ALL of my friends enjoy it!

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