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Baby's Best Friend

Posted Dec 15 2011 11:11pm
When I was pregnant I had some anxiety about how my dogs would handle having the baby around.  I was particularly worried about Bailey, our German Shepherd, not because she is aggressive but because she is clumsy.  I thought about how to introduce the furbabies to the human baby and had long talks with my mom about it.

We decided to have Chris bring home a receiving blanket that we had swaddled Emmie in the day before bringing her home. This way the dogs could get her scent.  Then when we came home from the hospital I would come in an give them love while Chris carried the baby.  We left her in her car seat for the great introduction ...

It was love at first sight.

Within seconds Bailey adopted Emmalyne as her own.  She followed the baby around and would stare at us accusingly if Emmie started crying.  No matter where the baby was in the house Bailey was close behind.  That hasn't changed ... in fact, Bailey is even more protective of Emmie now.  Bailey guards Emmie's Pack-and-Play from the bed and showers her with tons of love and kisses.

It's so funny now thinking I was worried.  Bailey is so gentle with the baby and you can tell how much she loves her.  I truly think Bailey would protect Emmie from anyone meaning to cause her harm.  Bailey is the sweetest, kindest, most loving German Shepherd ever ... until she thinks you're going to mess with her family.  My anxiety completely melts away every time I look at see this...

I can't wait to watch Emmalyne grow and see her love and friendship with Bailey get stronger.  I can see her trying to ride her like a horse when she's a toddler ;)

Where is Trigger you ask?  Trigger likes the baby but is more interested in snuggling  and sleeping on the couch ;)

Before I was a mom, I had furbabies.  It makes my heart happy to see them seamlessly fit into my human family of 3.  :)

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