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Baby-Led What? Why I chose to use #baby -led weaning. #Born2Eat #Mom #Parenting #EatRealFood

Posted Jun 03 2013 10:00am

Jan 2013 2 004

Baby-led weaning is a process that allows your infant to lead the way while introducing solid foods. It just makes sense if you really think about it. Once upon a time, there weren’t pureed foods, mixed or sweetened foods. It seems like the human race made it just fine prior to those cute little jars. I mean, here we are…

Baby CC is approaching one year now. Shortly after she was six months old we began offering solid foods. Yep, that’s right, no squishy pureed foods that once were in their normal form. We began by offering solid foods that had been cut in a way that she could hold on to the pieces yet not so small that they would trigger choking. As most parents of infants have noticed, baby will put anything is his mouth. Once baby is at least six months old the particular reflexes needed to help baby with tongue control and swallowing are most likely developed. Until then, it’s a good idea to feed baby only breast milk or infant formula as their sole source of nutrition.

When we started offering CC complementary foods, we skipped right over the low-energy cereals and offered her foods like eggs, beef, bananas, and avocados. The only semi-solid foods she eats at the moment are those that occur in that form like Greek yogurt or applesauce. She’s eats cheese and whole apples as well. Like I said, it just makes sense to eat real food (& feel real good, right?).

Are you ready to start feeding your baby? What questions do you have for the #Born2Eat Team?

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