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Baby, It's Cold Outside

Posted Jan 22 2013 8:02am
1/21/13 Sweaty Results:
100+ sit-ups (I lost track)
15 burpees (In between throwing the ball for Mauka to prevent "Attack of the Puppy")
10 push-ups
30 mountain climbers
60+ jumping jacks
1 minute plank

I want to run outside today but I have zero desire to give myself a case of hypothermia. Speaking of zero... that's the temp right now. 

My day is planned to the max so I actually have a shot at being productive. If left to my own devices the day is wasted with facebook and pinterest. Speaking of... my friend Tabatha over at 13.1 in 2013 introduced me to the coolest download ever. and it's free.

For Windows PCs: Cold Turkey
For Macs: Self Control

My top two time-wasters were added to Self Control and within seconds I was banned from both sites for 15 minutes. quit laughing. 

I highly recommend this for all you internet junkies. 

Today's Sweaty Sesh:
Run: 5 x 800 (10K pace) on the treadmill. I'm praying there's someone there for me to race

Wanna Share?
What websites will land on your "blacklist?"
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